Step by Step Guide on How to Use a Box Mod!

Box mods are a unique and powerful way when it comes to vaping. And vaping is basically the process by which you inhale and exhale the vapor formed by electronic cigarettes. Box mods are becoming increasingly popular in the world of vaping nowadays.   

They come in various, size, brands, and colors. And they are an updated version with more advanced features than basic vaporizers. They give the person full control over his/her vaping experience. They do so by giving the person the power to change the watts or the temperature up and down by very small amounts.   Mods are basically high-tech vapes, and they are functioned by a chip and powered by batteries, either inbuilt or interchangeable. And all of the functions of the mod can be controlled on an LED screen.   

Box mods can work with any type of 510 atomizers. The powerful, yet adjusting mods allow the user to blow huge clouds of vapor or show off by performing various vape tricks. This popular vaping product can be found on various online websites.   

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The detailed description of how to use box mods

Box mods can be used much more than just for performing vape tricks. They are equipped with a high charging capacity and this makes them work throughout the day, with no need for recharging. And because they come with 510 atomizers, they can vape almost anything and everything.   

Be it e-liquids, wax concentrates, dry herbs etc. they are compatible with all. So, you can definitely think of purchasing a wick and wire box mod or a wismec one. Also, we are about to help you overcome the daunting task of using a box mod for the first time:  

Select the appropriate 510 atomizer:   

Choosing the type of atomizer will depend on what you are vaping. Each can be used for what it is designed to. So, make sure to not put dry herbs into a wax atomizer. Also, make sure that the atomizer you purchase screws on to the mod perfectly.   

Fully charge the mod:   

If you have just purchased a box mod, charge it fully before using it. Most of them come with a micro USB charger or some come with removable batteries. You will get a booklet with the mod that will inform you all about removing and inserting the batteries. Generally, it takes 2-3 hours to get the box mod fully charged.   

Attach the atomizer:   

Attach whichever atomizer you might be using to the top of the mod and screw it in place. Lightly screw it, but don’t over tighten or crank on it. If you do it properly, the atomizer will stay in place, but could also be easily removed when you want to.   

Turn the mod on:   

The next step is to turn it on. Click on the main/fire button five times straight. The LED screen will light up, meaning that the device is on. Follow the same procedure to switch off the box mod.   

Use the correct watts:   

Most of the box mods have two buttons, one to turn up, and the other to turn down watts or the temperature. The correct watt or temperature that needs to be set depends on the atomizer you are using.   

Oil atomizers or dry herb ones require a minimum amount of watts to function. Going for too high watts can fry the coil. So ensure to use the correct temperature.   

Firing the mod:   

And finally, you can start taking puffs from your box mod setup. There will be a fire button, which is named so because, on pressing it, it will fire electricity to the atomizer’s coil. Just hold the fire button down as you draw in vapor from the mouthpiece. Don’t hold the button for too long.   

So, these were the main steps to follow, in order to use your box mod correctly. Follow these tips religiously and you will become a pro at vaping using box mods. And your box mod purchase will become a total worth for the money.


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