7 Important Elements of Authentic Escape Plan

7 Important Elements of Authentic Escape Plan

  As we all know escape plan is very much important for all the commercial properties. So as a business owner your first motive should be to make the place safe and secure for employees.    Even in the residential properties, you should have a proper escape plan in your mind. So that you would keep your family members safe and secure in case of emergency. Here in this article, we are discussing important elements considered to make an authentic escape plan.  

1. Prevention: 

While making an emergency plan your first motive should be to prevent damage, injury, and casualties. For this, you can plan to install fire, smoke alarm systems. You can also talk to the fire department about what actions you have to take to minimize loss.  

2. Installing smoke Alarms: 

Next element you should consider while making the escape plan for your office or house is the installation of smoke alarms. Keep in mind that you have to install smoke alarm all over your building. So that it will warm you in case of an emergency. Without installing smoke and fire alarms in the building you can’t start making an escape plan.  

3. Making floor Plan: 

The next thing you should do is to create a proper floor plan. If you can get the blueprints of your floor then it will be even better. After that prefer to analyze it with your team of specialists. And make a foolproof escape plan an escape route. That everyone has to follow to get out of the building.  

4. Clear Escape Routes: 

After that, your next step should be to clear, all the escape routes. So that in case of emergency nothing can stop you and your employees to get out of the building. And don’t forget to install emergency lighting, as that is the most important part of the escape plan. And for this, you should get an emergency lighting test certificate.  

5. Place special equipment:

Next, you should make a plan to supply all the protective clothing to your employees in emergency situations. Keep your PPE at a place where you can reach easily in an emergency situation. That might be near to your escape route. These protected equipment include the following items:   • Safety glasses, or face shields   • Fireproof clothes, fire, reluctant hats and shoes   • Fire extinguishers  

6. Encourage employees to practice:

After making complete escape plans for your building don’t forget to communicate and practice it. Keep in mind that escape plan without a practice is nothing.    So prefer to gather all your employees and practice your escape plan to get out of the building. This practice will help you to increase the confidence level of your employees. And it will help them not to get panic in emergency situations.  

7. Emergency response teams: 

Management should make emergency response teams so that workers should know whom they have to consult in case of an emergency. Management should make one coordinator for emergency response and one backup coordinator. The coordinator should be responsible for shutting down the activities of the plant. And warn people that they have called for outside aid.


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