World’s First Electric Inline Skate Thundrblade Offers Power and Fun Skating

Maintaining our health is a somewhat easier task if we follow simple habits in our life. From exercise at the gym to walk on a road require commitment and consistency, overlooking our tiredness attitude. 

In fact, the basic roller skating is equivalent to jogging in terms of health benefits and caloric consumption, reduction of body fat, and leg strength development.

Going into the history to find the invention of roller skating, the first documented reference to inline or roller skating was left by a London stage performer. 

It was probably an inline design skate, is unknown and is lost in history. The first known inventor of an in-line roller skate was John Joseph Merlin.


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Inline skating is getting more attention and being used across the globe as a competitive sport. Generally, Inline skates have two to five polyurethane wheels, and they are arranged in a single line makes it easier for faster speed than roller skates.

Now, strap on the wrist guards and fray your jorts as electric carbon fiber inline skates from ‘Thunrblades’ have finally arrived! 

Its team consists of Co-founders Daniel Souza and Miron de Lelis and Alena Foxten – Illustrator, graphic designer and translator.

Daniel Souza, Thundrblade CEO, has spent years turning his idea into a reality and with the help of Seattle’s Common Fibers; the skates are ready to go! Thundrblade is a “Frame System” which means all the electronics, batteries and motors are inside the frame.

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Images source: Indiegogo

This modern inline skate is currently live at Indiegogo, tout dual 1,000-watt motors, light-up wheels, regenerative braking, and a 25-mph top speed. 

If you are concerned about elevated carbon footprint in the atmosphere while you are on go, Thundrblade is the answer that not only maintains your health but also reduces the urban traffic.

As claimed by the creator, this is the first inline skates with electric-assist and full-power motors in the world, they also come with off-road wheels! So the hotness will no longer be confined to parks and city sidewalks!

How Does Thundrblade Skates Work?

According to the company, the Thundrblade system sits entirely in the frame, so purists can use their preferred skate boot. Its system is compatible with any 165-mm UFS or SSM skate boot. But for those without a favorite skate boot, Thundrblades will also offer full carbon fiber skates of 125 mm wheels.

Thundrblade is designed to skate just like a normal inline skate when you want to or when batteries are dead. It’s easier to skate than a normal inline skate since it has regen brakes, and you don’t need one-foot balance to push.

The rechargeable battery and 1,000-watt motor, which is controlled by handheld remote, are housed between the two rollers. A fully charged battery can power the skates up to 20 miles in assist mode, or 7 miles if you’re not into the whole exercise thing and just go full throttle, make sure you don’t cross its maximum weight limit of 120 kg (270 pounds).

Push its Wireless Remote Controller stick forward to accelerate and pull it back to brake. The brake is especially useful on long descents since you can control your speed safely maintaining both feet on the ground and optimal body balance.

The unique thing is when you brake Thundrblade; it uses its motors to apply resistance to the wheels generating electricity in the process. This electricity is put into the batteries recharging them. Regenerative brakes extend the total range of Thundrblade, especially in the case of a really long downhill where you control your speed using the regenerative brakes.

The Thundrblade weighs just 2.3 kg (5 pounds) for each foot in a complete setup including boots and batteries. It has LED light-up wheels that attract people when your fabulousness jetting 25 mph in skates without moving your feet and it can withstand anything a normal urban skate can. 

Since Thundrblade is actually easier to skate than normal inline skates, it has the potential to appeal to people that would never skate otherwise. It can handle tricks and jumps. What are you waiting for? Go and have fun with Thundrblades electric inline skates that will make your childhood dream come true.


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