PhD student invented an early warning device Asthma Grid to predict the asthma attacks

Asthma is a chronic disease, much like diabetes. But while diabetics can keep track of their symptoms with glucose meters, asthma patients have little to go by beyond their own judgment. 

An asthma attack is a sudden worsening of asthma symptoms caused by the tightening of muscles around your airways (bronchospasm). During the asthma attack, the lining of the airways also becomes swollen or inflamed and thicker mucus — more than normal — is produced.

2015 SA Innovation Summit – A place where the very best of South African, African and global innovators get to showcase their exceptional talents, innovations and ideas. One of the most amazing Invention from a student – ‘Asthma Grid’ which could be used for many Asthma patients who are suffering from the chronic disease.
PhD student, Moses Kebalepile was the overall winner of the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) Inventors Garage competition for his prototype, the Asthma Grid. It is an early warning device to predict asthma attacks. The 8th SA Innovation Summit, which took place at the Cape Town stadium last week brought entrepreneurs, inventors, investors, thought leaders and government together to share ideas, collaborate and support innovation.
Inventor Moses Kebalepile (Source: Bizcommunity)
Kebalepile walked away with R25,000 cash, incubation support from Standard Bank and an iPad. “I was surprised to win! There were so many good projects showcased at the TIA Inventors Garage; it just goes to show the incredible potential and talent that we as South Africans have. I think the work that we do locally is as good as what comes from the West, if not more inspired,” says Kebalepile.
“The ecosystem for technological entrepreneurs is right; with platforms and opportunities like this we have a chance to positively impact the economy.” Kebalepile plans to further his research and explore other designs for the Asthma Grid with the prize money he has won.
Source: memeburn
Christo Rossouw came second with RE-LIT, his rechargeable light design that uses a solar panel. Billy Hadlow came third with the FAABulous Stove that burns combustible agricultural material and can also charge a cellphone or power a light.
Mild asthma attacks are generally more common. Usually, the airways open up within a few minutes to a few hours after treatment. Severe asthma attacks are less common but last longer and require immediate medical help. It is important to recognize and treat even mild symptoms of an asthma attack to help you prevent severe episodes and keep asthma under control.
This invention will definitely help to many people who are suffering from the Asthma disease. This device will give some relief in the treatment of Asthma due to its predictability of attacks.
An amazing Innovation from Moses Kebalepile! 


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