Your Company Can Save Thousands with MACD Management

Your Company Can Save Thousands with MACD Management

MACD stands for Move, Add, Change or Disconnect, and is a vital part of your Telecom Expense Management (TEM) service because it allows team members to eliminate mistakes and redundancies within your telecom system, which saves you money.  

The In and Out of MACD

The real benefit of a quality MACD service is evident when new employees come into the company, or when employees leave the company. When there are personnel changes, it’s important to scrutinize what equipment is being used, what equipment is needed, and what services are employed.   

Because personnel changes happen so quickly, it’s easy for a company to pay on a cell plan that’s not being used for months because the employee left the company. Also, telecom and telephony plans change rapidly as well, and your company can benefit from staying on top of new money-saving plans that come along.  

MACD Tracking and Why You Need It

We’ve already talked about how quickly telecommunications consulting services and plans change, and how much turnover can happen at any given company. When these changes occur, your TEM provider must be in the loop and aware of these changes so they can react accordingly and swiftly to make sure you’re not billed for a service you’re no longer using.   

It’s not uncommon for companies to provide cell phones with unlimited data plans to employees so they can do their jobs outside the office. When those employees leave the company, you need to know immediately so you can cut off that service or at least re-assign that phone to an employee that needs it. This work is time-consuming, and most managers don’t have the time to stay on top of all the details involved.   

Leaving it up to internal monitoring opens yourself up for mistakes and missed opportunities to save money. That’s why it’s essential to hire a team that’s dedicated to monitoring this aspect of your business.  

Another advantage to having MACD services employed at your company is to handle plans, services, and equipment when you bring on new employees.  

When you hire a new employee, there’s a good chance they’ll need a cell phone. Ideally, you want that employee to have the necessary equipment right off the bat so they can hit the ground running. If they have to wait weeks to get a much-needed cell phone, your company is losing productivity because that worker isn’t operating as efficiently as possible.   

A good TEM team that has expertise in MACD continually monitors these situations and has equipment ready to go when needed, and can shut it off when it’s not required. In which, having a telecom audit company is very helpful.   

Infrastructure Management

If you’re operating a medium to large company, then it’s likely you have a mishmash of company wireless and BYOD, all of which can become a nightmare to manage.   

Systems this complex require the expertise of a dedicated team to ensure you’re getting the best service for your money and that all your systems are operating at maximum efficiency.


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