How to Efficiently Customize Your Car While on a Tight Budget

If you’re looking for ways to customize your car without spending too much money, these are some of the easiest, yet most effective ways to do so.

Customized plates

This depends on where you live, but you may actually be able to get personalized plates for your car. You can get a plate that has your or maybe your kid’s name written on it. You can also choose to use a certain set on numbers that mean something to you, like an anniversary date. You can even use a joke. It’s all up to you.

Floor mats

This simple change can do wonders for the interior of your car and make it look brand new. Floor mats can come in many different colours. They aren’t too expensive and not only can they upgrade your car’s look, but they will also protect the interior from getting mould. There are plenty of styles you can choose from. Plus, you can always keep the old mats, take proper care of them and then put them back if you decide to sell the car at one point.

Shifter knob

You can also change a shifter knob in your car. There are numerous different versions, some are a bit more expensive, but what you should look for is the one that fits your car and the style you want to go for. It may be a small detail but it can really make your car look put-together.

Seats in car

The ultimate car makeover can’t go without new car seats. This change may be a bit more expensive but if you’re willing to invest, this change can both transform your car and help your back problems. That’s in case your current seats are uncomfortable. On the other hand, if you don’t plan on changing the seats but still want to make some sort of change, you can simply buy new seat covers. They come in a variety of different colours and styles. You can choose the ones that best fit the aesthetic you are aiming to achieve in your car.

Interior lights

Installing some interior lights in your car will make such a huge difference. It will make your car look so elegant and expensive, and this change doesn’t even have to cost you that much. All you need are some strip LED lights and you can pretty much install them on your own. Just try not to overdo it. It will look tacky if you put too many lights.

Car stereo system

The car stereo system that you get already installed in the car doesn’t usually have that great quality. That is why a perfect update for your car would be to get a new system with a Bluetooth as well as speakers that will make late night car rides feel like private concerts.

Tires and rims

To update the exterior look of the car, you can update your tires and rims. Not only will this change make your car look better, but it will also improve your car’s performance as well. Even though you can technically try to make these types of changes on your own, its best to have a professional such as Carconex on your side. You can ask these experts about what kind of treatment your tires would need and if they need to be changed.

Wash and detail

Simply keeping your car clean and polished can do so much for your vehicle. First of all, maintaining your car by regularly washing it will make it look put-together and brand new. Secondly, making sure that there isn’t any mould or dirt piled up where it shouldn’t be will keep your car running smoothly as the first day you bought it.

Light covers

There are numerous ways for you to change the exterior of your car. The best way to do so is to get light covers. These covers can protect your headlights and taillights from any possible damage. Plus, this change will allow you to change your car’s look however you want. You will be able to change the car’s colour and even its shape. For instance, in case your taillights and headlights are faded, this trick will help you make them look brand new.


Window tinting on your car

Lastly, tinted windows can make your car look customized and unique. In addition to that, these are protecting your from harmful UV rays. They are definitely helpful when you go on longer car rides. You can try to put these on yourself, or you can talk to a professional and let them handle the job for you.


All in all, there are many ways to upgrade the car’s look and efficiency without spending a lot of money. These are just some of the ideas that may help you out.

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