Latest Technologies and Gadgets in Cars

Companies around the world are introducing smarter versions of cars every year. Not only this, but some companies also come up with the most innovative gadget for cars. The only luxury that one could imagine of till a couple of years ago was the GPRS service in the cars. Packages like Optimum Triple Play with an Internet option came handy at that time. However, with the advancement in technology, plenty of new and innovative gadgets have been invented.

The list of some of the top ones is in this blog.

Mirror Dash Camera

This camera acts as the security guard that you wish you had with you at all times. Because let’s accept the fact the having a feeling of safety at all times is essential. This cam will not just record all your activities for you to have a look at if need be. But it will also allow you to capture all the fun moments that you have with your pals during a road trip.

You will get access to both the front view and the rear view when you switch the camera on. You can attach it over your rearview mirror. In this case, no one will be able to judge easily that you have a camera attached. However, the camera also includes a safety feature. This feature alerts the driver of the potential fatigue 2 hours into driving.

Long Range Radar Detector

Travelers who believe that they spend plenty of their time on the roads, need to invest in this gadget. These radars have the ability to carry out long-range detection. This helps you to avoid the speeding tickets on the highway. Which, by the way, can be very heavy on your pocket. Therefore, to save yourself from the fine, invest in a long-range radar detector.

Bluetooth Receiver

This device enables you to sync your car’s audio system with the Bluetooth. It makes both systems more compatible with one another. Talking about technology and cars, best triathlon watches is something you really need to watch out for. Because its the ultimate real deal that comes with class and quality. All you need to do is plug the Bluetooth receiver in the aux port in your car. Following that, turn on the Bluetooth on your mobile or your tablet. You can then play music and even make or receive calls through your car’s stereo system. Most of the Bluetooth receivers will offer excellent sound quality.

However, if you opt for some not so popular brand’s device, you might have to compromise on the sound quality. One of the best options available in the market is the Mpow Bluetooth Receiver. It offers a good battery life as well because of the lithium battery that it has. These batteries can work up to 10 hours in one charge.

Rooftop Cargo Carrier

If you travel with bulky items, a rooftop cargo carrier is a perfect option for you. One of the best ones is the Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier. Both space and the aerodynamics that this cargo carrier offers ensure that you can travel without much hassle. You can store up to 16 cubic feet of luggage in this cargo carrier.

The aerodynamic design also allows you to save fuel. This is a feature that many cargo carriers lack. You will also be pleased to know that this cargo carrier offers an automatic lid locking system. You will also get full access to your trunk without you having to remove the holder. Such is the design of the Thule Rooftop cargo carrier.

Magnetic Phone Car Mount

One cannot imagine driving without making use of the phone. Whether it is for making calls, to play music or just to get the directions, using mobile phones is an integral part of the travel diaries. However, it might also distract a driver when he has to shuffle between driving and having a look at the mobile. This can prove to be fatal, in case the driver fails to pay attention to the road.

The magnetic phone mounts solve this issue for you. You can view the screen of your mobile while these magnetic phone car mounts hold them for you in one place. You can easily install them in any of the air vents in the car. The magnetic phone car mounts don’t obstruct your windshield view either. Hence, making it a hot favorite among many.

If you wish to make your car gadget-y, then consider investing in some or all of the above-mentioned gadgets. They will come in handy. You can even choose to call your cable service provider and get information regarding their app. This will allow you to stay entertained on your long trips. Optimum Customer Support provides exceptional service. One reason why I stick to the company no matter what. I hope your cable service provider does too.

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