Farmer Designed and Built the Tiny Hand-made Submarine which Sails 7NM/Hour in China

Underwater vehicles are called submersibles, or airtight, rigid diving machines designed for exploration while completely submerged. Submersibles are either manned or remotely operated. Beginning in ancient times, humans sought to operate under the water. From simple submersibles to nuclear-powered underwater behemoths.   

A farmer from south east China’s Anhui province came up with the idea while watching TV one day, has designed and built a small submarine for just 5,000 Yuan (£500) in just two months.   


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It’s capable of sailing 7 nautical miles per hour, as reported by The hand-built submarine also won its creator a patent certificate.  

The man, named Zhang Shengwu, is a 51-year-old farmer who enjoys working on new inventions.

One day, after watching a TV program about submarines, he decided to make one himself, despite opposition from his wife.   


  Surprisingly that Zhang made the submarine, its price is less than a bike. He made this submarine with only 51 thousand rupees.  

It took Zhang about two months to complete the submarine, which is 6 meters in length, and about 60 centimeters in width inside the cabin.   

The height is a little less than 1.5 meters. Zhang admitted that he was unable to install proper oxygen-supply equipment due to insufficient space in the cabin. Instead, he selected an alternative air duct to supply oxygen, which unfortunately limits the depth the submarine can reach to 1 meter underwater.  


  As soon as he graduated from high school, he started selling vegetables. He then went on to work as a carpenter and later in the shipping industry. Zhang says he enjoys inventing things and one day thought it would be fun to make a submarine.  

He received a patent certificate from the State Intellectual Property Office in China for the invention in February.


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