Things to Do Before Selling Junk Cars for Cash

Cars are the most used mode of transport in the current society, therefore, almost everyone owns one. They have a useful life, that is the period of how long the can last. The durability of a car solely is dependent on the manufacturing time and the day of purchase. Most second-hand cars have covered a certain mileage and it could last a shorter period compared to a brand new car. When a vehicle is used for a while, it tends to develop complications and this is a sign that it needs to be replaced. There are several things to consider when selling junk cars for cash.

Estimate its value

When purchasing an automobile, the value is always high, however, after using it for a certain time frame its value depreciates. This means the car will be sold at a lower price and that is the salvage value. The salvage value is the book value of an asset after all costs have been deducted. Before you sell your junk car at your desired price, you have to have an estimated value for the sale that is realistic depending on its condition. This assists the buyer to understand the car better.

Evaluate the condition

This is assessing the cars current state; it could be mobile or immobile. The value maybe a little higher if it is moving whereas if it is immobile there is a decrease in value. In evaluation, ensure that all the parts are available for the sale, it makes it easier for the purchaser. If some parts are in poor condition, you can choose to sell them in parts to the scrap yards and auto recyclers. This allows you to get cash for your car.


This is taking a survey for the available scrap yards and auto salvage shops around your area. Taking a pre-visit is significant as it helps in identifying the price range for the junk car. It can be an eye-opener of how you can sell the car, either in parts or in whole and the quotation of it. When looking for the best place have a picture of the product to be sold for ease in price estimation.


It entails the legal ownership of the car and paperwork of complete payment if it was purchased by a loan. It is vital to finish the payment for the easy sale of the car. Besides, the title of the car proves that you are the owner and can easily transfer the ownership to the junkyard. This gives the salvage yard full ownership of the car after they purchase it making it easy to resale it.

Collect Personal Belongings

A lot of self-belongings are left in the car because they are used daily or frequently. Check valuable items before taking the car to the junkyard. Always ensure that the car is empty to prevent the loss of valuable goods. It makes it a trouble-free process when disposing of it.

Review the Insurance policy

The car that is to be disposed of may have not completed the insurance cover that you purchased it with, therefore, it is of great importance to cancel it before selling it. When they are taken to the junkyard, the rights are stripped from your thus the insurance is insignificant. Revoking it aids in saving extra cash if the company refunds the insurance cash.

Detach valuable parts

Everyone loves a car that has finishing to it, in most cases, there can be an addition of new parts. These parts were absent in the original state of the car during purchase, hence it’s important to take them off. They include speakers, tires and GPS systems. The license plates are to be extracted as well because they are not part of the package. They are worthless when they remain in the car when taken to the scrap yard.

Check the Fuel

Before selling the car, ensure that the gas is consummated. It can be siphoned or taken to for a drive just to complete the gasoline. The car should have no fuel in it to prevent any destruction in case of a disaster. It is among the safety policy before taking it to the sale yard. In most cases, the cars will be towed to the junk place after they are sold thus no fuel needed.


It is significant to know how the car can be delivered to the station. At times the scrap company offers a towing service at an extra cost if the vehicle is immobile. You can deliver the car if it is mobile and as little fuel, considering that it should have no fuel on arrival.

The Bottom Line

When selling an asset to the junkyard these are the most important activities you should do. Moreover, it helps in the reduction of costs and increases income from sales. The information is enlightening to anyone who wants to prepare for car disposal.

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