Shivayogi converts a cycle into a solar-powered moped called as ‘Bolt’

The world needs today more focus and implementation of renewable energy sources to reduce the impact of carbon footprint in the environment. Everyone should try and invent new approach or system which help in developing the sustainable and green energy products. 

A passionate environmental activist Shivayogi, has converted a bicycle into a solar powered moped and named it after the legendary athlete. The moped is called N.G.S. Bolt, the initials standing for Natural Green Saver. However, at a speed of 40 kilometre per hour, the moped falls below Bolt’s record.
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Shivayogi S.S. with his invention ‘Bolt’ moped (Image credit: VAIDYA)
“The idea is to disseminate the message that even vehicles that run on renewable source of energy are efficient,” Shivayogi says. Hailing from an agricultural family at Yaliwala village in Sorab taluk, Shivayogi is pursuing final-year polytechnic course in the city and also works as a security guard at an ATM.
He created the moped by fitting a solar panel of 15-watt capacity to a second-hand bicycle. The electrical energy stored in the battery is converted into mechanical energy by a direct current motor, which runs the vehicle. The vehicle is fitted with a head light, horn, indicators, break lights, gears to control speed and a running speedometer.
The battery can also be charged by converting the mechanical energy generated from rotation of the wheels into electric energy with the power transmission system and an alternator installed to the vehicle. 
A mobile charger is also installed to the vehicle. Shivayogi said the vehicle was fabricated at a local workshop for Rs. 15,000. He says the vehicle was developed since he needed transport after taking up the job at the ATM. Rather than buy one, he decided to put together his own bike.
Shivayogi and his friends have also started a group, Parisara Samrudhi Sanghatane, that undertakes afforestation programmes and has planted three lakh saplings in 2 years. (Source: The Hindu)


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