Candle Charger works as an emergency power generator for Smartphones

Almost every great idea is born from a necessity and who doesn’t need a cellphone charger that works everywhere without a plug? The idea of a charger that works only with a candle was incredible.  

A device that can charge your mobile phone using the heat produced by a candle has been developed to help keep people connected during blackouts.

How does Candle Charger work?  

The Candle Charger uses a thermoelectric generator to convert the heat from a naked flame into around 2.5 Watts of energy.  

Be ready for power outages. Instant, reliable, indoor USB power using just a candle and water – stay charged and connected. The Candle Charger by Stower is the first indoor power plant for smartphones. Candle + water = essential USB power for your home during grid outages and blackouts.  

The Candle Charger contains two core pieces of technology:

  • A thermoelectric module, also known as a Peltier cooler. Thermoelectric modules are semiconductor devices that convert temperature gradients – one side hot, one side cold – into electricity. The Candle Charger uses nontoxic bismuth telluride-based modules, which have been in mass production for over twenty years for scientific, refrigeration, and automotive industries. 
  • The Stower smart circuit that conditions the power coming from the module to match power requirements of the device being charged (e.g. a smartphone).

To increase cost savings and overall efficiency, Stower directly charges your electronic devices rather than charge an intermediate battery.

Thanks to the circuitry developed exclusively for Stower products that continually monitors the power output from the thermoelectric generator, boosts the voltage to USB standard 5V, conditions the power from the generator so it matches internal charging requirements of smartphones, switching between “bands” of acceptable current levels and gradually dropping the voltage so phones don’t drop the charge.   

It provides LED indicator sequences to clearly show power availability – a flashing light means power is available, while a stead light means steady power is achieved and the power output is “iPhone ready.”  

Views from the people  

“I’m in Florida, and my mom lives in New Jersey. The power went out in a storm yesterday, and I told her to keep her phone off and use it only for emergencies. Now I can’t talk to her, just because she can’t charge her phone.” — Steve P., Ft. Lauderdale, early Candle Charger supporter  

“Should be in your emergency kit” –   Support & contribute for this incredible product at Kickstarter.


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