Amazing ‘Stealth’ electric bikes

Electric bikes are part of a wide range of Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) that provide convenient local transportation. Generally designed for one person and small cargo capacity, electric bike range, speed, and cost are moderate. For most of us, the majority of our trips are less than 10 miles – within the range of most e-bikes. Clean, quiet, and efficient LEVs offer the advantages of an extra car without the burdens.

There are many electric bikes available in the market today. Also, more efforts are being made in further developing the existing models. Amazing electric bikes from ‘Stealth’ would definitely make you feel crazy and enjoy its riding.
There are three models of Stealth Electric Bike to choose from, each with unique abilities and power! 
The Bomber
Built by Stealth Electric Bikes, the B-52 Bomber is a rugged, motocross inspired, off-road e-bike. It boasts pedals like your average bicycle, but then pairs them with the cranking power of a brushless DC electric motor.
Image credit: Stealth
The Bomber has long travel suspension which makes it perfect for maintaining high speed on long rides. It can achieve the highest speed of 80km/h and range is about 80km. It blends traditional pedal-power with 5.2kW of pure-electric thrust, all bolted to a motocross-inspired frame. The Bomber drives through an advanced nine-speed sequential gearbox and stops with confidence, thanks to Magura hydraulic disc brakes.
The Bomber utilizes an advanced lithium battery pack, controlled by a customized battery management system (BMS), which ensures maximum range, performance and reliability is extracted from the Bomber’s power plant at all times.
The Fighter
The Fighter is lightweight and fun, perfect for anyone wanting to reach speeds of 60km/h effortlessly and got a range of 60km with a single charge.
Image credit: Stealth
The Fighter’s 3.7kW (3700 Watts) of pure electrical output hauls a total bike weight of just 34kg.
The Hurricane
The Hurricane shines in its acceleration and hill climbing ability and can take on any terrain. With Stealth’s top power output of 5.2kW (5200 Watts), the Hurricane enters the track at warp speed. 
Image credit: Stealth
It can achieve the top speed of 80km/h and it has a range of 45-55km with a single charge.
Jarryd McNeil’s first run on the new B-52 Bomber electric mountain bike from Stealth Electric Bikes 
(Source: Stealth)
Stealth Electric Bikes has partnered with four-time Australian Off-Road Championship winner Toby Price (“Pricey”) in a move which further cements the company’s name in the professional action sports arena. 
Toby Price
Pricey recently took delivery of Stealth’s B-52 Bomber, which will share trail riding duties with a Factory KTM racer, the outcome of his recent signing with the Red Bull Factory KTM team.
If you want to get a feel of these incredible bikes, you can book a stealth electric bike test ride by clicking here.
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