Archimede Solar Car – A Low Cost Renewable Energy Car could Transform the Public Transportation

With an aim of a better world with a low cost solar automobile, Archimede Solar Car, the prototype solar-powered car all made in Sicily by the operational team dell’associzione Future Solar who has developed the project.  

Future Solar non-profit organization in Syracuse deals with research and development in the exploitation of solar energy applied to vehicles in small traction, with the collaboration of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Catania. Low budget projects ready to “challenge” the big names in the industry.  

The idea of “Archimede Solar Car” was born from a dream of Enzo Di Bella, sound engineer Syracuse, car enthusiast racing. Enzo has spent all his spare time over the last five years to design and build a prototype racing car “low cost” entirely powered by solar energy.

Archimede Solar Car is the first produced prototype of a photovoltaic four wheel drive vehicle. The prototype of solar car must be tested on the road.   

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Image credit: Futuro Solare  

The Archimedes is a prototype electric vehicle powered completely by solar energy directly. The cells contained in the solar panels that cover the upper part of the vehicle convert the sun’s energy into electrical energy this, through a system hardware charging a battery pack that allows the power of the electric motor.  

The Archmede Solar Car is destined for greatness. It’s made of cheap materials: carbon, aluminium, fiberglass and kevlar. It can run up to 62MPH, and it transforms solar energy to electric energy by photovoltaic panels, thus charging the batteries and bringing the engine to life, reported by Clapway.

The team is dedicated to bringing education on automobile technology as well as solar energy, and giving university students the opportunity to work and research these new technologies.  

In designing Archimede solar car, they realized that the relationship between the energy produced and energy expended was clearly in favor of the second variable so their design efforts have turned, to get states of maximum efficiency in the field of aerodynamics and masses of energy management .   

A know-how that Future Solar Onlus is ready to make freely available to those who want to develop it on a large scale, giving free the patent but on condition that production takes place in Syracuse, a city where the project was born Archimedes.  

Archimede Solar Car  

They have initiated a crowdfunding campaign for this renewable energy vehicle at Kickstarter and their goal is to achieve Euro 15,000. Your contribution is fundamental because it will allow them to carry on with the research for the completion and improvement of the prototypes. Also, to perform the necessary tests on track and to bear the supplementary costs in order to reach the places in which the competitions take place.   

Archimede Solar Car will be presented at the press room of Pergusa (Enna), Wednesday, October 21, 2015, at 10:30 am, at the same online fundraising initiative for the development of design and innovation on the prototype. For more information, visit Futurosolare. Admission is free, reported by Periti-Industriali.   

You can support their efforts by visiting the website Kickstarter.


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