Reasons Why I Think Home Tutoring Can Be A Good Alternative To Classroom Education in China

Reasons Why I Think Home Tutoring Can Be A Good Alternative To Classroom Education in China

Parents are concerned that their kids are not able to cope up gently with assignments or other school work. Kids can be lazy, boredom or hectic at times.   

Children are more tempted towards playing video games, watching TV, chatting over the phone or surfing the internet. Managing their time by allocating to private tuition will eliminate their extra time that is spent on such unhealthy activities.  

For parents in China, private tutoring is not only a supplement but its a need. According to a report submitted by the Chinese Society of Education- In 2016, primary and middle school students join more than 137 million Chinese tuition courses. They added, more than 87 percent of parents prefer tutoring program for their kids.  

Private tutoring is grabbing parents attention, as it not only improves student’s academic grade but also provide them with an in-depth practical understanding of topics.   

There are various reasons behind the affirmative impact on the children’s willpower and abilities. Here I’m discussing a few key benefits of private tuition for students. Let’s figure it out:   

Tutor of Your Choice: 

Students feel more comfortable and give a better response to the tutor that is suitable for them. It is not only true in case of home tutors but also true for school teachers. In school, students don’t have options for selecting which teacher is best for them while private tuition gives a wide range of options.   

Parents can judge tutors strength, teaching style and other specifications that are best for their children. Choosing a right tutor makes a big difference for the learner. Maybe this is the reason that the private tutoring market in China is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11% by 2021.   

Better Assessment: 

At home, both parents and the private tutor can assess children’s growth and performance factor independently and efficiently. The one to one attention, regular feedback and examination make tutor focus on the critical areas where student lags behind.   

Thus, he will able to design an improved master plan or makes changes in teaching strategies to improve student’s response. These assessments will encourage student’s willpower and grow their self-learning ability so that they will able to finish their work independently within time.   

Personalised Attention: 

Is your kid really getting full attention and time of a teacher at school? No, they don’t..!! Statista says 14.87 million students enrolled in junior high school by 2016 and 8.03 million of them join the senior high school.   

For a teacher, it is not easy to interact with each individual at a time. Thus, students find it challenging to learn topics very clearly at school. At home tuition, children will get the full attention of their tutor and understand subjects more clearly. Here, they can focus on the particular subject areas which they find complex.   

A tutor can leverage online blogs, videos, images etc., to effectively teach a child. Online Chinese Learning for Kids has become very popular with the advancement of technology. Various resources are available to teach children in a very effective way such as kindle, smart TV, laptops, videos, learning websites etc.  

Increased Self Confidence: 

Every parent wants their child to perform well at school, and they have a good experience throughout the whole session of education. Sadly, this is not the case. Various students are stuck in the middle of the battle between study and their self-esteem.   

Everyone has different goals. There poor performance in school makes them feel uncomfortable and sometimes depressed. They don’t like their friend’s companies as well.   

Thus, they lose confidence and not be able to focus on other fields also. It has been observed that few students don’t like to ask questions in the class because they fear that what others may think. Such issues are the bonus point for private tutoring as it helps your kid build trust and boost their self-esteem.  

Final Words to Take Home: 

Various more reasons influence parents to choose private tuition for their kid. Assess your child and see whether they are getting what they deserve or not? Take a right step before it gets too late.!!


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  • I agree with your comments and assessment, there are definitely good alternatives to in-class teaching nowadays especially with technology providing so many online resources.


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