7 Amazing Tips On Making A Long Distance Relationship ‘Actually’ Work

Many of us believe that working out a long-distance relationship is next to impossible. All those lies and trust issues shake the very foundation of a relationship – our families discourage it, our friends try to talk us out of it and in case you get heartbroken, you’re in a row for a long bout of crow-eating. 

It’s not easy but you can work that extra distance which will help to make things achievable. You’ll start seeing through the distance and even the simplest, smallest of things will be the sweetest to you. To keep your love alive, you can follow these tips which will help you sail through. 

1. Avoid excessive communication

The first tip is to avoid going over the top and clingy, you wouldn’t want to be the possessive kind. It’s not necessary to communicate 12 hours a day to keep your love alive. Some couples feel that talking on phone for long hours will compensate for the distance, but that’s not how it works. More so, it may only make things worse, and you will end up losing space.

2. See it as an opportunity

If you think of it as a long-term relationship and want to move in together, you first need to learn how to live apart. Take it as a journey where you can learn by testing your love through distance. Instead of thinking that it is the distance between the two of you which is going to result in pulling you apart, you should believe that distance is going to make your bond even stronger. 

3. Set some ground rules 

This tip advises you to make some ground rules which will help you manage expectations. Both of you need to be clear on it and follow them religiously – jot everything that you two expect from each other for your long-distance relationship to work out. For instance, are you two in an exclusive relationship or are you two allowed to go on dates. Set your priorities straight and stick to them. 

4. Try to communicate regularly

It is always great to receive a ‘good morning’ and ‘goodnight’ text from the one you love, it tells us that we are being remembered. So, make it a habit to drop in some sweet messages and try to update your partner about your whereabouts, the latest happenings in your life. If so, your life is not very eventful, you can still go on to discuss your mundane tasks at hand. Tp make it more creative, keep sending some pictures, voice texts, video clips, so they know that you’re trying to put in efforts. This will make them feel loved and appreciated.

5. Talk dirty with each other

Wondering, what are the most appropriate long distance relationship texts for him? Don’t worry, they aren’t hard to make up, just play it fun and cool. You can go dirty sometimes to build sexual tension. After all, sexual desire is like a glue between couples, it keeps both the parties involved in each other and hold them from drifting apart. So, keep the flames burning and talk dirty to them – not to forget, sexy puns work really well!

6. Be aware of “dangerous” situations

If you know that going to the club or having drinks irks your partner, then you should wither not do it at all or tell him beforehand and try to convince him in your favor. Don’t try and act smart by concealing matters from your partner, this is only going to make your partner extra suspicious and worried at the same time. This might later develop into some serious trust issues. Now you wouldn’t want that, would you?

7. Do things together

There is so much you can do together, even when you’re miles apart. You can watch a documentary together either on YouTube, Vimeo, Amazon Prime or NETFLIX; play some online games; sings songs for each on SKYPE calls or FACETIME when you miss each other dearly. You can even take walks together while you’re speaking to each other on the phone. The key here is to be creative and spontaneous to give each other some warmth, wherever and however possible. 

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