5 Wardrobe items to help create the perfect look this Winter

If you want to look perfect this fall, you don’t need to buy a huge amount of clothes and shoes at fabulous prices. It is enough to purchase 6 items from our list.

Winter is considered rather dull at times, because the sun is not so often pleasing us with its warmth, and the sky is increasingly enveloping in clouds. However, if the right clothes are in the wardrobe, bad weather conditions will not be able to spoil your mood.

So, to not spoil your mood Zalora HK Discount Code is something you could go for while picking your wardrobe for winters. We offer you 6 basic things that not only help to create a stylish look but also allow you to always look spectacular.

1. Coat

When autumn is on the verge, the first thing we think about is buying a coat. If you choose this wardrobe item correctly, it will be able to emphasize the dignity of the figure, and also add femininity and elegance to the image. This season one of the most popular is cashmere.

Despite the fact that cashmere is a very delicate material, it has a high level of wear. Therefore, having bought such a wardrobe item, you will wear it for a long time. As for the color, it should be as neutral as possible, because you will wear a coat daily. Try to choose a universal style, without an abundance of jewelry and small details. Ideal length – to the knee or slightly lower.

2. Dress

A dress is truly a universal thing that you should not spare any money on. It can be worn in the office, for a walk, on a date, at an official reception. The main thing is to know with what accessories this or that image is formed. It is not necessary to choose a black dress. This season allows you to wear brighter items, for example, purple, red, blue, green. A win-win option will be models in actual nude tones.

Try to choose concise dresses, without a large number of decorative elements. If the clothing will have a large number of ruffles, brooches, beads, rhinestones, then it will cease to be universal. The best option is a small black dress, like Coco Chanel.

3. Jeans

When it comes to the perfect wardrobe, one cannot help but think about jeans. Having only a couple in your arsenal, you can create a huge number of beautiful and stylish images. For example, jeans combined with a shirt and a jacket will save you at a meeting (if the company’s dress code allows outfits in a freestyle). A set consisting of a beautiful sweater, jeans and heels will be an ideal option for a date. Therefore, try not to spare money for this wardrobe item, since it is truly universal. Also with a pair of jeans, you could buy carry new kicks with the Nike promotion codes which could really complement their jeans.

4. Sweater

If you ask your friend what autumn is associated with, one of the answers will be a sweater. This element of the wardrobe is warm, cozy, comfortable and personifies everything that we need in the cold and rainy season. Designers have long noticed the love of the fair sex for sweaters, so they offer a choice of a wide variety of models.

The most popular this season will be:

• Tight-fitting sweaters with a high neck, like a turtleneck.
• Comfortable oversize models. If the proportions are correctly observed, then these sweaters will be able to emphasize the advantages and mask the flaws of the figure. Also, such clothes make girls more fragile and feminine.

When choosing a sweater, pay attention to knitted patterns – they are now in the trend. In addition, stylists are advised to wear sweaters. Tucked in.

5. Jacket

Another universal thing that should be in your wardrobe this fall is an elongated jacket. Its main advantage is that it perfectly complements clothes in any style, both in classic and casual. The jacket harmoniously looks with a skirt, trousers, dress, fashionable jeans. This season, stylists advise opting for products in gray, blue and green shades. They can be plain, in a cage or strip – it all depends on your preferences in clothes.

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