Nature Warns Mankind through the COVID-19 and Changes our Lifestyle

The origin of pandemic outbreaks is actually the control of the population on earth by nature, such a theory has been presented by some researchers. Because a virus is eradicated, a new virus erupts after a few years like COVID-19. That is why nature itself wishes that the growing population on earth would continue to be controlled.

We all want things to go back to normal quickly. But what most of us have probably not yet realized—yet will soon—is that things won’t go back to normal after a few weeks, or even a few months. Some things never will.

Corona’s name gets bored, so much is happening in social media. The pandemic has seen the earth before, but this time the media is even more ‘viral’ than the same virus. Half the world has fallen into disrepair due to the lockdown. This is a holiday but not a vacation or go out for a walk. It is a test of solitude to be away from the crowd as much as the movies or food are closed.

Lifestyle Changes in COVID-19 Driven Pandemic

In the short term, it will be hugely damaging to businesses that rely on people coming together in large numbers: restaurants, cafes, bars, nightclubs, gyms, hotels, theaters, cinemas, art galleries, shopping malls, craft fairs, museums, musicians and other performers, sporting venues (and sports teams), conference venues (and conference producers), cruise lines, airlines, public transportation, private schools, day-care centers.

That’s to say nothing of the stresses on parents thrust into home-schooling their kids, people trying to care for elderly relatives without exposing them to the virus, people trapped in abusive relationships, and anyone without a financial cushion to deal with swings in income.

Home-based office work, school-college studies and off-campus life. These words are common in present scenario. The human world regains the wings of nature and the invisible beast: Nature warns us all to “Behave yourself”.

“Pray to God that the world will be freed from the corrosive jaws of the corona as fast as it gets, but with the overwhelming compulsion to save the human world from the corona virus, the regulation that has changed the way of life in family, social life and diet also leads to self-esteem amid the fear of corona. It is like observing the changes in the lives of citizens in coronary countries.

The feeling of being family with each passing year and decades as the human world sleeps by setting the alarm with the sun set, the job has been stepping up, with the early morning rush to shut the button of the shirt on the public road.

Women also leave their husbands and children’s snack bins for a job. The husband and wife enter the house on the evening of dawn and dusk when the husband and wife are away from dawn to collect their income or to take the family along the path of progress. Those who come back from work are under depression, feeling overwhelmed, the burden of work, the target of the office, the uncertainty of the future, the finances to meet expenses, and the guilt that life ends with a break.

The family will never feel relaxed or at any time in a tense environment where breaks will go down, just as there is life … Enter the Corona … As part of the government and companies’ precautions to prevent and spread the virus, “Work From Home ” – Work from home was mandated.

According to the target, office work must be done at home, but not from dawn to dusk, no bus-train-to-wheel or four-wheeler driving. The children also sit at home and read and write on the smart phone from school or college as per instruction and they study online. They are also exempted from early pickup and going to school on Long Drive. Son-in-law makes cooking a dish to spend more time in the kitchen.

If a person is stress free, nails are up. Relationships with a new generation of elders, the life of a husband and wife and their offspring as a couple has been an eye-opening break. Spouses came closer in the way of feelings, warmth, and sex. Has Corona made the human world think that their control could not add a bit of control, lightness or satisfaction? The families had warmth and love, but the business stress had distorted their nature. The fight with the corona will be definitely conquered and then the same breathless town will be seen again.

Eating and the Environment

Whatever viral epidemic has happened in the history of the human world has come out as a result of meat consumption. Corona virus is believed to have spread from the Chinese cattle market and is believed to be the main center of the allegations of bats. In addition to bulls, poultry, cows as well as other livestock, birds, insects, China has also been exposed to the virus in Europe in the past.

After Corona, the preaching of vegetarianism has begun in China, such as China, where live animals are consumed. Until now, the animal market or food packet is closed. All those who are under house arrest and under treatment in the hospital are given vegetarian meals.

Even in the US, Europe and Asia, the fashion and campaign of abandoning carnivores has gained momentum. Similarly, it is important to maintain the equilibrium of the environment after corona as humanity has become cosmopolitan. In the two months of Corona the pollution has just dropped when airports, tours, transportation of vehicles, factories, industries and markets, entertainment, traffic, offices are closed.

When China, which has a population of over 1.5 billion people, is stagnant, the amount of visible-invisible pollution they carry into the atmosphere will be close to zero for two months. The same can be said for the countries of America, Europe and Asia.

Humans did not improve when the environment of the world was polluted due to pollution, so did not the nature of the virus spread and spread the virus? If so, it means that in the world of our diet, environment and living conditions, persistence will continue, then nature will shake things up by giving it a bigger push. The maximum of the world has adopted the monstrous diet of killing the animals and killing them. Even if nature does not do so, its own system will be such that its pressure evaporates before the pressure cooker explodes.


The same blessing that Corona’s breaks or work from home talk about should be taken as ‘no hoot of interest’, because ultimately, we should have only one prayer of God that keeps us busy till death. The shutdown that has been caused by Corona, after some interval, looks like a smash. If all the work from home or stay home, one kind of suffocation is experienced. Even if the salary is deposited in the bank, there is a feeling of being unemployed or not earning hard work.

Staying at home also causes family conflict. Many couples work from home for long periods of time when the nail wakes up and many realize that staying out of the house for a maximum period of time is why the couple lives. Overall, it can be said that following the coronation process, self-vision can bring about change and balance in life.

Due to the simple life and economy

Corona hit all levels of commerce, industry, hotels and tourism at all levels, as a last-minute citizen’s livelihood had a profound impact. Stock markets around the world witnessed a historic downturn. Millions of millions of investors were washed away. At the time, it is thought that the human race has reached a point where the opportunities of livelihoods are kept burning and the economy is not shaking but the cost of moving around, with shopping and new gadgets, is essential for the society to become consumerist. In the end, one expenditure becomes the other’s income.

If everything goes home or goes online? An ironic smile that shows the humanity of the 8th-century superstitious monk who has been cut off, has given a virus unseen even with a light microscope. And even the most elusive, the terrorists have fallen.


The Final Words

All the races, caste, religion and apartheid have come together to support the fight against the corona virus. Humans will be in the age of technology of any century, but nature will always be one step ahead.

Just stay. Nature warns mankind through the corona that “Behave yourself”


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