All about Drones: The New Favorites in Video-Making for many in Toronto

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, a.k.a. drones have become the new cool when it comes to shooting videos. Be it a surveillance project by a security company or a video shoot for an upcoming short movie, or an adventurous vlog, drones these days have taken over the traditional methods of videography. They are widely in use among the major sectors spearheading businesses in the contemporary era.

The reason behind its success has been its benefits.   Drones are highly versatile, which means you can incorporate it into your requirement the way you want. Managing and handling drones is easy, and even a layman could access it with a lot of ease and comfort. Moreover, drones come with various sets of lenses which you can further use to shoot the right quality of your choice. One of the best things about drones is that they don’t require time to set up.  

A Brief History

If you think that drones are a recent evolution, you are wrong. The history of drones traces its path a long way back, right into the mid-nineteenth century, when Austria attacked Venice using flying bombs made with balloons. That was the first kind of ‘drone’ that came into use. However, the first glimpse of the drone couldn’t last long to impress the masses of that era due to its failed bombing attempts.   

Back in time, when Wright Brothers went on to launch the first airplane in the history of mankind, the idea of an unmanned flying vehicle again held people’s minds, which was a short-lived period of uncertainty. The uncertainty gave rise to the development of The Ruston Proctor Aerial Target, yet another British marvel, which was a man less aircraft. This was through a big stride forward in drone history, and it didn’t see much success.   

Modification of drones

After a lot of further innovations, the drones saw a wide usage during the second world war. After its early usage during the wars, some serious innovations came in the form of Israeli technology using which they invented surveillance drones. The current drones, however, saw their early form taking shape as late as 2006-06, where drones began incorporating in non-military ventures as well. 

Types of Drones

As the innovators saw the usage of drones for a wide range of purposes, it became necessary to look for various types. You can check with Drone Cinematography Toronto. Depending upon the requirement, the classification of drones see major categories ranging up to as follows:  

Multi-Rotor Drones

These are the most common drones with four rotors at the top and a camera with it, which has basic functions and specifications. These drones are highly multipurpose, and their usage varies from shooting wedding footages to some serious real estate applications. These drones are the most affordable ones as well.  

Fixed Wing Drones

The shape is like a regular airplane. These fixed-wing drones see their usage mostly in security purposes all around the world. They are not multipurpose but have high-end specifications for security.   

Single Rotor

With just one rotor at the top, these drones bring with them high stability and preciseness which can make high-end expectations meet. The cost is high as well. 


Companies manufacture hybrid drones depending upon its purpose. Different hybrids are there for different purposes. The cost is among the highest in this case.  

Technology has developed our lives and secured us from all dangers. So, when in doubt, ask science. Technology has the answer to all the questions. You may opt for a drone today!


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