Beagle Neo 2 | Affordable and Durable FPV Drones That Fits in Your Palm


The ‘First-Person-View’ (FPV) drone technology is not new to the tech savvy people, but historically it’s either been complicated or expensive, not to mention it requires both space and skill. It’s an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with a camera that wirelessly transmits video feed to goggles, a headset, a mobile device or another display.

The user has a first-person-view (FPV) of the focused area where the drone flies and may capture video or still images. In contrast to humans, personal drones can access smaller spaces and tolerate complicated environments – in addition to having the ability to fly.

FPV drones are becoming popular among hobbyists. They can be used for environments that are unsafe for humans make them effective for search and rescue missions, similarly used to inspect physical infrastructure that is difficult to access, such as bridges and high-rise buildings.

Beagle Drones – FPV Immersive Drone

Beagle Drones, the New Jersey based tech startup, now introduces ‘Beagle Neo 2’, an affordable FPV immersive drone that fits in the palm of your hand. It’s designed for flying indoors and outdoors. The Kickstarter offer of Beagle Neo 2 can give you an opportunity to get it at just $99 and early bird price $169.99 that includes FPV drone and Goggles.

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The creator of Beagle Neo 2 have designed with a view to make it simple, easy and seamless that pushes the boundaries of FPV drones while creating a platform for the adventurous and daring to explore the world from a new perspective.

The FPV drone is a combination of a latest design and advanced technologies – engineered from the ground up to provide the most immersive drone experience for both beginner and professional flyers.

Beagle Neo 2 Features:

According to the creator of Beagle Neo 2, it has many amazing features which includes FPV Goggles, Beagle Stability Flight Chip 2.0 – allows for a stable & controlled flight experience, 1-touch flip functionality, boost mode, smart controls, remote controller, fast charger – simultaneously charge up to 6 batteries in under 30 min., 17000kv Beagle Arctic Silver Motors, 400 ft of FPV Range, Flight time – 30 min., Artic Silver Motors, 40 Adaptive Channels, HDR Dynamic Camera, Synthetic Polymer Chassis and a carrying case.

Beagle Neo 2 Specs:

Frame – Polymer
Size – 100 mm
Motors – 17000 kv
Battery – 1s Li-Po, 240 mah
Charger – 10w
Transmitter – 10 channel
Camera – FPV, HDR
Lense – 2.8mm, 120 deg.
Package – 6” x 5” x 4”
Drone Weight – 52 g

Its Flight Chipset emulates a virtual GPS & trim inputs to provide full control during flight. The power under the hood enables the Neo 2 to quickly switch between modes and adapt its flight to your preferred setting.

The FPV Goggles allows you to see through the camera of your drone in real-time, up to 400 ft in distance, as you maneuver through the air, giving you a real ‘Birds Eye View’ of your surroundings. With an added capability of high dynamic range (HDR) and color accurate camera, take flight into the sky using a vivid image processing.

The Boost Mode during flight across the sky makes this FPV drone powerful compared to many drones available in the market. The drone has a high-density polymer blend which allows it to easily bounce off objects due to its flexible propeller guards and it gives feel that the drone won’t break objects while it propels.

In August 2017, Beagle Drones is established and launched its first Beagle Neo V1 in December 2018 in very short period. The prototype & testing of Beagle Neo 2 begins in March 2019 and startup expects to ship Beagle Neo 2 orders by December this year.


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