A Hanging REVOLT Wind Turbine That Powers Your Devices Anytime Anywhere!

According to a study conducted by Prof Mark Urban from the University of Connecticut in 2015 after reviewing the results of 131 studies, it predicts that as many as 16% of all plant and animal species would be under threat of extinction with four degrees of global warming!  

The carbon emissions is a key reason for climate change across the globe and various efforts are being made by the governments and people are not sufficient to tackle the adverse impact on the health of humans and eco-system.   

Climate change-induced extinctions are likely to threaten one in six species if steps aren’t taken to reduce carbon emissions. Since alternative energy reduces carbon emissions, wind turbines will ultimately save birds.   

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Introduction: REVOLT Wind Turbine

St. Louis, Missouri-based company, ‘Revolt Wind’ aims to make an affordable wind energy should be available to everyone and anywhere.   

Stephen Cowap, founder of Bent Engineering LLC in 2012 after inventing a novel structural support called the Glass Bent-Beam, has invented a portable, compact, lightweight and inexpensive hanging Revolt Wind turbine to charge your electronic devices, using their patented technology.

The Indiegogo campaign of Revolt Wind turbines is currently live and the company expects its availability for purchase and worldwide distribution by the end of 2017.  

The evolution of Revolt Windmill made during their initial hanging wind turbine which was developed to charge an electric bike without a tower, permits, or any other expensive infrastructure.  

According to the company, a 16” diameter Revolt Wind turbine can make 2.2 watts in a 15-mph wind, which is sufficient to power four Smartphones at once. The size of the wind turbine will be larger and smaller in future to accommodate different needs.  

Weighing less than a ½ pound (excluding battery weight), the Revolt Wind turbine has a wide span of features, such as back-up power, off-grid applications, renewable energy systems, marine systems, mobile and RV systems.

It is easy to assemble in a few minutes without any special tool, and simple to operate, just hang it from a tree branch, hook, or line and wait for the wind to blow. Make sure that the windmill will not hit any other object when it is in use.  

The Revolt starts spinning in a 4-mph wind and starts producing usable power in a 6-mph wind. It will work in both stormy and gusty wind conditions.   

Four Smartphones will charge in a 15-mph wind, each time the wind speed is doubled; the windmill will theoretically produce eight times more power.   Depending upon the size and the wind conditions, the Revolt Wind Turbine may turn out to be the lowest cost green energy generator ever produced!


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