A Brief Guide on How to Take Care of Your Smartphone

Having a smartphone is not a big deal but taking care of it is a real deal. Well, there is no such a big fat handbook or a memo for it but a very few and simple safety measures are all good to go. Whether you own an iOS or an Android smartphone this guide will work for both of them so let’s have a look;

1. Phone Back Cover

There is a huge variety of phone cases available in the market for each and every handset. Get your hands on a back cover that is particularly designed for your phone. It’s better to have a lightweight back cover to avoid overheating of your phone.  Get a case that is not only stylish but also gives the best protection to your phone.

2. Screen Protector

Screen protector protects your screens from all sorts of damages, dust, and scratches. So don’t forget to get one as soon as you get your smartphone or the old one is cracked.

3. Back Holder

Ever since the sizes of phones are increasing it’s a good option to get a back holder. There is a two-sided tape with the help of which the holder get stick to the back of the phone and a ring that helps you to hold the phone. It prevents it from falling down or slipping down from your hands. Furthermore, acts as a stand while watching movies, videos or dramas in a landscape mode.

4. Keep it Clean

Ensure that you keep your phone clean and safe from dust and other dirt. Keep wiping it with a soft cotton cloth. Moreover, make sure to clean the sweat that may come near the earpiece while you were on call.

5. Charge Your Phone Timely

Don’t forget to charge your phone appropriately before you leave home and start your day. Because if in case you run out of battery you would probably use a power bank or ask others to lend their chargers nevertheless both of these options may be harmful to your battery. It is also therefore advised to turn on battery saver/power mode to enable your phone battery to last for a few more hours.

6. Avoid Using It A Lot In Hot Weather

Excessive use of smartphone in hot weather is susceptible to heat up your smartphone which leads to further issues in some cases. So it is better to use less of it to prevent overheating of the battery.

7. Keep It Safe From Water

You may have heard some high-end smartphones are claimed to be water resistant and have the capacity to work all well even after getting drowned in water for some specified depth. But, wait, have anyone ever actually got the guts to drop their phone that worth for thousands and almost for lacs to check out whether it’s water resistant in real or not? Well, we don’t really think so. What we contemplate is that precaution is better than cure and in correspondence to this you must keep your phone safe from all sorts of water be it a rain droplet, a small pond or water falling from the glass.

8. Keep It Inside

On days when your hands are occupied with files and papers and you also gotta grab your on the go snack, it is better to keep your phone inside your pocket or your handbag so that it just doesn’t fall down.  In fact, you may get a phone pouch that you can hang on your shoulder and whenever you need your phone you can just get your hands on it instead of facing the hustle of finding your smartphone in your bag pack or your handbag.

9. Password Security

Always keep your smartphone secured with a security lock. If in case your phone falls in the wrong hands or even your friends catch your phone for some prank, they will not have access to your phone. Besides this, in the worst case, if your phone gets stolen or lost, the password will be the lifesaver and it will not allow anyone to invade in your privacy.

10. Install Anti-Virus Software

As we all keep on installing and sharing numerous apps and data we recommend you to keep an Anti-Virus Software installed in your smartphone. This will prevent your smartphone from unnecessary bugs that will come as a bonus with all this data sharing and apps.

11. Avoid chocking your phone with needless Apps

Don’t clog your phone with excessive and needless apps that block your smartphone’s traffic and hinder the performance. Keep it as precise as you can. It is proposed to keep the needful applications only and not to chock your smartphone with applications that are of no need for you.

We assume that this information is sufficient enough to enlighten you with all the simple tips for the basic care for your smartphone. None of these will charge you an arm or leg instead just a very little portion of your money and some percent of your attention. We also have a simple solution for you to get the above-mentioned accessories with all the ease. Have you checked out the Daraz pk sale? Daraz has to offer you a wide range of accessories that too at reasonable prices and in addition to that they have sales going on around the year. So hurry up to order and get the best accessories at your doorsteps.

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