9 Popular Types of Trailers You Need To Know About

9 Popular Types of Trailers You Need To Know About

There is a wide range of trailers manufactured for commercial and transport purposes. There are several trucks with varying load capacities and for each type, there is a different trailer that can be attached to it. Each trailer has a category of applications linked to it.   

While loading your truck by attaching a trailer, there are various factors to consider like the load-bearing capacity of the truck and the road guidelines, the size and the cargo to be carried. While considering the total weight, do not forget to add-up both the weight of the trailer as well as the freight that is to be shipped within it. Here is a list:  

#1. Tradesman Trailers: 

  These trailers are specifically made and designed according to the need of the buyer. Imagine you want to open your own fast food business on wheels, in this scenario Tradesman Trailer can help you in getting the proper spacing you want.

#2. Box Trailers: 

  These type trailers are one of the most reliable and commonly used trailer options out there. This type of trailer is common due to its versatility, allowing many people to use one for their needs. It is easy to attach and can be taken to any spot without any problem.  

#3. Dry Trailer Van: 

  These are also known as enclosed trailers. It is just like a flatbed trailer but with a box around it. The best feature about is that it is waterproof, and it protects the cargo from rain and dew during transit. It is mainly used by the grocery stores, clothes stores, electronics industries, and all such organizations that have products that can be damaged by rain.  

#4. Stock Trailers: 

  Stock Trailers are those trailers which are used to transport livestock such as horses, pigs, cows, etc. from place to another. It is specially designed to transport your livestock and keeping in mind that it is made to withstand different tricky scenarios.   

#5. Refrigerated Trailer: 

  Some items need to be kept in a restricted and controlled environment continuously. For such items, refrigerated trailers are used. Stuff like frozen food, pharmaceuticals, and dairy products are to be shipped by such a trailer.  

#6. Specialty Trailers: 

  This is a category of trailer built specially for transporting a particular type of cargo. For example, the air-tight tank trailers built for hazardous liquids and the inert material trailer for transporting natural gas and LPG. There are discreet regulations to be followed while making such trailers to match the safety requirements of the trailer during transport of hazardous and inflammable materials.  

#7. Side-Kit Trailers: 

  This trailer is equipped with a side wood panel and is used to transport loads that are packed like sand, gravel, dirt, wood, bricks, and all such materials. All the materials that are to be transported in free-form without packaging are hauled in side-kit trailers. It is generally a flatbed style with a 4-5 ft side panel attached to the deck.  

#8. Double Drop Trailers: 

  There are extendable trailers that enable you to extend the trailer length to fit in longer cargos. They are designed exclusively to handle excessive lengths as well as weights. Though the heights if this type of trailer is low.  

#9. Multi-Car Trailers: 

  These are most commonly used to transport automobiles. There are 2 types in this section of trailers- single-layered and double-layered. The weight allowance for such a trailer is high and that lets you carry 8 cars at a time. This is also used as a mobile home as that would need an equally high load capacity to be able to carry all your heavy belongings.  

All these above-mentioned types are the most commonly used types of trailers. There can be many more types of trailers but these specific ones explain the main trailer types that are used extensively.


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