The Three Medical Technologies that can be Hazardous to Humans

The Three Medical Technologies that can be Hazardous to Humans

Science and technology are advancing at a fast pace today! And this has helped the medical field advance manifold with its treatment procedures and cures for illnesses that previously were considered untreatable! However, amongst all the developments there also has been an ongoing issue — faulty medical technologies that are dangerous to the patients.  

Not many people are aware of this, but faulty medical technologies cost lives. You can read about the 3 Medical Technologies That Might Be More Dangerous Than You Think – CupertinoTimes and other similar news updates online. Also, discussed below are three medical technologies that can be dangerous to human health.   

1. IVC

  Simply put, IVC stands for Inferior Vena Cava that is the central vein which brings the blood to heart from every body part, other than the head. Generally, the IVC filters get implanted in a way to avert blood clots from forming that can negatively affect your lungs. It might sound like a great invention, but the recent investigations have revealed some fatal flaws that the technology could be having.

Around 20% of attempts for IVC filter removal have been unsuccessful. And few have also proven to be disastrous for deep vein thrombosis. It means that while the technology can secure you from one type of complication, it can expose you to another one.   

2. The unclean endoscopes

  Back in 2015, around 10,000 veterans got exposed to blood defects at veteran’s hospitals. It was said to be true all over the U.S. The main reason was very poorly managed endoscopy equipment. Also, the veterans aren’t the only ones that have suffered from this. The suburbs of Seattle, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, and Chicago back in 2015 had reported of 100,000 patients who underwent endoscopy and got exposed to multiple outbreaks of superbugs in numerous hospitals.  

The primary tool in use was an Olympus-designed colonoscope. The company didn’t provide ample guidelines to the hospital staff regarding cleaning instructions of the devices. Hence, the team used the devices without having inadequate know-how of the same that posed all possible dangers. 

3. The anesthesia machines and Smartphone’s 

  Based on an Ars Technica report back in 2014, it got found that the ARKON anesthesia system had some problem in its software. This glitch would result in the machine to malfunction when you plugged it with a Smartphone using any one of the USB ports. The outcome invariably leads in hypoxia or cause the patient to die. Based on this report, about16 devices got implemented in South Carolina and North Carolina.

Hence, you can understand that anyone who would have to plug into this equipment will have to worry. The hospital staff is known for making use of the smart device at the time of work. There are times when the device can cause havoc even during surgery.   There are several other medical technologies too that have resulted in several health hazards along with benefits. The ones mentioned above are the three prominent ones that you can take note of as you research the topic.


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