8 Brand New Ways of Marketing Your Product Online

8 Brand New Ways of Marketing Your Product Online

Creating a product is a very personal experience for a business owner, it has a story, undergoes a whole process and then comes out the “thing” that you want for the world to love as much as you do! Telling that story and getting it out there is where marketing comes in.

Having a product without an effective marketing strategy is similar to creating something remarkable and then throwing it in your attic never to be seen again.

But what is an effective marketing strategy and what techniques can be used in the time span of this 21st century. Let’s have a look at some of the modern techniques that will get your product the coverage it deserves.

1. SEO

8 Brand New Ways of Marketing Your Product Online

Search engines are like the yellow pages of the modern world. Anything that exists on the web can be accessed through search engines and goggles specifically. So, what is the most basic thing you can do as a business owner? Make sure, that your brand or product shows up at the most visited spot on the web. However, let me leave out a disclaimer that this strategy takes patience and a little investment.

Do not go out looking for instant results as SEO takes time and there are many digital organization that offer top notch Search Engine Optimization Services so that the time you are investing is not your own. HTML Pro is one of the top 10 digital agencies providing these services in the New York area.

2. Blogger Outreach

8 Brand New Ways of Marketing Your Product Online

Blogging is something that has recently gained popularity and is proven to cultivate relationship with fans and followers on a very personal level. This means that when you reach out to a blogger for the endorsement of your product, you will gain a genuine audience with a higher conversion rate.

This is a very effective strategy specifically when launching a new brand because considering human psychology people are more likely to believe other users of the product rather than regular advertising.

So reach out to those bloggers and develop a strong fan base for your brand and product to build on. However, be extremely selective and cautious; make sure that the blogger has the following of the same demographic your product is intended for.

3. Content Marketing

8 Brand New Ways of Marketing Your Product Online

Content marketing is one the most effective (though a little time taking) types of marketing as it inculcates value without a return. The modern day consumer is flooded with information and the only thing that stands out from this overwhelming flood is one with actual value.

This might seem like something that is counterproductive however, it is the exact opposite. This approach uses the basic psychology of free things and slowly develops a trust with the authenticity of the information you are providing. Your customer’s trust is one of the most valuable things for you as a business owner which will gratefully benefit you on the long run.

4. Unique Brand

8 Brand New Ways of Marketing Your Product Online

The best way to communicate your story & develop a persona is to build your brand from the ground up that conveys your unique identity. It might seem like a hard task provided the influx of information and the sheer amount of brands that are introduced everyday however, that is where your creativity will come in handy.

As Raquel Baldelomar says: “Your brand identity should not just be a mission statement on the wall and logo. Your brand is a reflection of your thinking, your character, and your values.”

Have a unique identity help people identify, relate & trust your brand. So, that whenever you introduce a new product people will immediately know that it is something of quality. Do not be afraid to step outside the box with your strategies and the look & feel of your brand. Quirky humor has a way of keeping itself rooted deeply in the minds of people.

5. Social Media Content

8 Brand New Ways of Marketing Your Product Online

Marketing studies have identified that consumers tend to prefer social media when it comes to acquiring products while reply more on google if they happen to look for a service. Hence, the launch of a new product is something that needs to be expressed well on social media by designing a campaign that reaches directly to your target audience.

Utilizing paid ads on platforms like Facebook and Instagram is a great way to generate awareness and get quick sales. However, the process will take longer if your brand has no following whatsoever.

Many businesses tend to underestimate social media and think this is something that can be done on their own. Well, it can be if you put in extensive time and effort to study the algorithms, the demographics and design posts accordingly, A simpler solution would be to invest in a social media management agency that could save you the time and energy while providing more efficient results.

6. Events

8 Brand New Ways of Marketing Your Product Online

Don’t miss out on any business event, mixer or seminar that is happening around your locality. Show up to let people know that you exist. This is the real life equivalent of SEO.

The customer base and recognition that you will get from these events is going to be priceless and missing out on these events just because you were busy establishing a strategy is an absolute waste. In person interaction allows the audience to connect and nothing garners more trust than something they can see and like.

Events like NYC Business Expo are not only great marketing opportunities but learning opportunities as well.


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