The Top Mountain Bike Trails Around the World

It is said that mountains are there to be climbed. Travelling in a cloud of dust and gravel can be enticing as well as enthralling.   

For people who like it fast and furious, we look at the top mountain bike trails around the world to explore on your Scott Mountain bikes. We all love exploring and to be honest, nothing’s better than exploring the glorifying mountains away from the daily norms of the city. For some of us, it is more than just a hobby or a trip, it is something which defines our life.   

These trips can be therapeutic and can help you in relieving stress while making you calm and happy.   

Though these trips are not something everyone can do, going on a Scott Mountain bike, it surely gives you a great opportunity of learning and enjoyment.   

These mountain trips can make you feel closer to the nature, and help you in reaching some wonderful places that can be cherished throughout the lifetime. For people who love thrill and adventure, a mountain trip can be something that will always be the best trip of their lives.   

So once you are ready with your Scott Mountain bikes, the next question that arises is which destination to choose.  

Choosing the ultimate destination can be a difficult job, and it is extremely important to choose the best since the destination can make or break your trip. So below we will look at the best mountain bike trails around the world which should definitely be on your bucket list.   

Mefjellet, Norway:   

This scenic route in the Norwegian mountains is something to visit with your bikes today. Located beside Fjord and east of Sylte. The place is perfect for a hiking trip this weekend.

Lupra Pass, Nepal:   

Around the Annapurna Mountain, Lupra Pass in Nepal is an ideal destination for a mountain trail. The beautiful Himalayan pheasants and blue sheep accompany you on your trip.   

401 Trail, Colorado, USA:   

The high alpine trail offers a wonderful experience for people who love mountain biking.   

Achnashellach, Scotland:   

Located in the highlands of Scotland, the place provides an ideal trailing option for mountain biking lovers. The pretty waterfalls, the pines, and the glaring nature are something which can’t be missed. 

Top of the World, BC, Canada:   

The alpine gem is located in the Kootenay Ranges of the Rocky Mountain in British Columbia. Once home to the upper Kutenai Indians, the place is one of the best mountain biking trails in the world. Nature is at its best in the region making the experience really amazing.  

Cotopaxi, Ecuador:   

Cotopaxi is a strato active volcano which is located in the Andes Mountain range. It is the second-highest summit in Ecuador, reaching to a height of around 5897 meters.   

Flowtastic, Spain:   

The fiery mountain trail in Sierra Nevada is something that all adventure lovers should definitely cherish once in their lifetime. The trail offers some amazing natural beauty and soothing sights.   

Cerro Paine, Chile:   

The mountain group in Torres Del Paine National Park offers a wonderful location for mountain trail lovers. The trail comprises of amazing circuits which can enhance the experience for the visitors.   

‘Cheese Man’, Slovenia:   

The high alpine pastures with the beauty of Julian Alps and Soca River provide a wonder trail option for visitors. The locals are welcoming and have some delicious food in their cuisine.  

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