What You Need to Know About Herbal Tea

What You Need to Know About Herbal Tea

Herbal teas are lately gaining much attention because of their health benefits, including on digestion, immune boosting effects and anti-inflammatory properties. But, what else do you need to know? Here’s a good start.  

What Is Herbal Tea?  

Also called tisane in tea culture countries, herbal tea is a blend of different fruits, leaves, roots, flowers or barks that belong to an edible plant. It has existed for a long time but has just recently become very popular due to their wonderful physical and mental health benefits (more on this in a bit).  

Does Herbal Tea have Caffeine?  

According to some researches caffeine naturally occurs in Camellia sinensis, the tea plant used in making black, white or green tea.   

So, yes, herbal teas contain some caffeine. For example, there are up to 60 milligrams of it in black tea and 15 milligrams in green tea.  

However, caffeine from this plant is absorbed by the body more slowly than that from coffee’s caffeine, delivering a slow release for longer lasting alertness except the jitters in the beginning and crash later.  

Seeking Herbal Tea Benefits  

In the following are the benefits of drinking tea that you might want to reap for yourself.  

Immune system booster  

Drinking your cuppa daily will boost your immune system. In fact, it can also fight common colds or help treating it. Elder tea is good for this benefit because it can stop heavy coughs and relieve asthma symptoms.  

When it comes to fighting infections and diseases, some teas to choose also include licorice root tea and ginger tea for their ability to lower risk of chronic diseases and protect against free radical damage.  

Digestion aid  

Break down fat stores in your body by drinking herbal teas that can speed up digestion and reduce bloating and indigestion. Some great blends for these purposes include chamomile tea and ginger tea.  

Skin health  

Treat acne without medication and side effects.   You can drink or apply tea, such as chamomile and Rooibos, on the affected skin area daily until acne disappears because they have antioxidant properties.   To reduce acne breakout, you can try spearmint tea.  

Types Of Herbal Tea  

In order to extract the active ingredients in the herbal teas, you boil the spices and herbs in water. But to achieve specific benefits, check out the following for great herbal teas to try.  

Green tea:  

It gives you an energy boost because it naturally contains caffeine. It is also loaded with flavonoids and antioxidants that can neutralize free radicals, which would otherwise damage healthy cells. Studies also had it that it can clear up acne and protect against chronic diseases.  

Chamomile tea:   

If you want a good night sleep, you might want to try this tea that possesses calming sedative properties that can induce better sleep. It may also help in fighting off inflammation and reducing menstrual cramps and pain.  

Echinacea tea:   

It may help in treating flu and common colds. Drinking it may also reduce your risk of developing colds.  

Turmeric tea:   

Also called the golden milk, this is one of the healthiest of all herbal teas. Its main active ingredient, Curcumin, has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce joint and arthritis pain. It may also help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and lower bad cholesterol levels.  

Peppermint tea:   

One of the most notable benefits of this fragrant tea is its stomach healing abilities due to its menthol content that has anti-spasmodic effects. Drinking it may reduce stomach ailments, cramps and pains as well as flatulence.  

Customize Your Own Tea  

If you want to blend your own tea, control its ingredients and enjoy your personalized cup, you can start selecting and gathering your ingredients. Make sure to pick high quality flavorings, herbs and teas.  


If trying to make an herbal blend, check that the ingredients won’t negate each other.   Start blending your ingredients based on your preference.    You can make an initial blend to brew and taste.   Adjust and add missing or lacking ingredients until you are satisfied. Enjoy!  

Final Thoughts  

Herbal teas, such as peppermint tea and chamomile tea, offer health benefits that will boost the immune system, aid in sleep, and improve the body’s infection-fighting abilities.   

They also give you the freedom to blend and brew your customized tea for that satisfying cup in which ingredients are handpicked and controlled. Enjoy your cuppa today!


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