5 Beautiful Places in the World to Find Peace of Mind

In today’s busy world, people have put a monetary tag on almost all the things. Everything is readily available, provided you are ready to spend money on it. Various luxuries with top-notch technology are available at consumer’s disposal. But one thing that still has not made its place in the market is the peace of mind.

Billions are running from pillar to post, to make ends meet. Sadly, they yearn to pause for a moment and inhale a few breaths of peace. It doesn’t mean living a luxurious lifestyle can make you sleep peacefully. Numerous end their life in search of one single moment of peace in their entire life, in vain. It got me thinking deeply about is the peace of mind worth it?

The concept had me extensively intrigued. And when I saw people running after its attainment, the pangs of curiosity dug deep into my heart, and I started my quest of finding answers to my questions, and I began traveling. Fortunately, pretty soon, I met a sage on one of my trips to India, also known as the Land of Diversity. While discussing a few other things, I begged him to enlighten me. The kind soul gave in to my persuasion and gave me what he referred to as- Gyaan.

I asked him, what does peace mean to him. With a smile as bright as the rising sun, he explained the concept beautifully. He defined peace as a combination of mental, emotional, and spiritual state that is untouched and undisturbed by what happens outside its arena. According to him, peace is something you experience when your mind is free from any fear, worry, pain, and desire.

When your mind stops chattering, and you can hear yourself breathe, then you can be at peace with yourself. It all sounded too tempting to resist. And this marked my journey towards attaining peace. But where do I start from, I asked myself. And this introduced me to the idea of finding a serene place to let yourself be free from all bondages. And I traveled the world to find the five most surprising places where you are bound to get a taste of personal tranquillity.

1. Kerala, India

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While speaking of concepts like spirituality, peace of mind, yoga, etc., one cannot leave behind India. So let us start from the place where I first got my answers from, the spiritual hub- India.

India is a place where a wide array of religions, beliefs, gods, goddesses, sages, gurus, etc. exist in conjunction. It is acknowledged for the kind of spiritual guidance it provides to those who come seeking the truth. During my pursuit of peace, I discovered the magical state of Kerala in India.

The beautiful environment set by the silent backwaters is complemented well by the western ghat mountain ranges. Ranging from Sivananda to Shiva Rea, you can find the best of the yoga ashrams here that catalyze you and the quiet realm of rumination.

2. Sabi Sands, South Africa

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Banishing the myth that peace can only be found in forests, living in bare surroundings, with minimum facilities, Sabi Sands, in South Africa, comes as a relief to those who want peace, garnished with a touch of luxuriance. Sharing a border with the famous National Kruger park, this game reserve is spread over a sprawling 160,000 acres.

You can find the accommodation varying from a rustic bush tent to high-end opulent lodges, along with sumptuous gourmet. The calmness in the air and the proximity to nature make it a quintessential place to find oneself.

3. Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

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Ringed by tall peaks and overlooked by a stately chateau, this glacial lake rests pompously, amongst other crystalline assets, in the Banff National Park. Also known as the Lake Of The Little Fishes, its turquoise blue water combined with the surrounding mountain views is transcendental. Hikers and campers swear by the serenity of the place, making it a perfect setting for spiritual growth.

4. Bhutan

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Where else can you expect to find peace of mind, other than a country like Bhutan that has come a long way in pioneering the concept of gross national happiness?

When you meet locals who are warm, peaceful, and who try to be as close to nature as possible, your senses get the perfect dose of joy and optimism. Bhutanese take extra care to ensure the adept cultivation of their ecology and environment.

Because of this, they assure a fresh breath of air, quite literally. You can also visit its enticing Buddhist monasteries and dzongs while you revel in the beauty of the Himalayas. Just do not forget to carry a world map scratch for a swifter cruising.

5. Kyoto, Japan

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The fascinating wave about Japan is not something hidden or undiscovered. The country has an aura of its own, and it owes its magnetism to the rich culture and the modern way of living that it offers to its citizens as well as its visitors. But, for the uninformed, Japan is not only about shopping, sightseeing, etc.

Thanks to Kyoto, also known as the “Capital of Peace and Tranquillity”, Japan has also fetched a reputation of being a spiritual retreat. The region is the center of culture for thousands of years. Accommodating 90 Christian churches, 400 Shinto shrines, and 1660 Buddhist temples, it successfully boasts of being utterly peaceful, providing an emotional detox to all its inhabitants.

Final Words

Peace of mind is a very relative subject. Some find peace in the mountain peaks, while others discover serenity listening to the rhythm of waves at the beaches. While on the one hand, dense forests can calm the senses of some people, on the other, positive vibes of temples and shrines can prove to be beneficial for others.

Therefore, it is imperative to find your true calling and pursue what brings out the best in you as an individual. Just remember, that peaceful moments are not rare and they need not also be as shortlived as you might have experienced them before.


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