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No wonder, nowadays, almost every individual is living a busy and stressful life one way or another. Thus, taking a break from an active lifestyle and going on an adventurous trip might seem like a treat for oneself. What exactly you think of traveling and making enjoyable memories? It can be a relaxing time while enjoying a drink with your loved ones, underwater adventure, or simply viewing nature’s beauty. Whatever the case may be, you want a change of scenery and something exciting and thrilling to enjoy your trip (Image source).

However, like any other trip, you need to properly plan and prepare yourself beforehand with the necessary items to enjoy your adventurous journey. Gone are the days when travelers would only rely on things to wear, mattress, and food items to embark on their journey. With the advent of the digital era, adventurers today focus on packing more modern tech gadgets to enjoy their trip to their fullest. These gadgets have changed the experience of today’s travelers tremendously.

Is your mind in a conflict about which devices would be best for your adventurous trip? No worries, below is the list of tech items to make your trip unforgettable:


Imagine you go out for a casual stroll during your trip and notice a strange shadow looming at the back. Or you observe an unusual movement of leaves that makes your mind go haywire. The adrenaline that rushes through your body will probably leave you flustered. Who knows that the destination you picked up for an adventure has some spooky things.

What will you do in such a situation? To mentally prepare yourself for such cases, you need to equip yourself with an emf detector. It is a common belief that paranormal bodies emit electromagnetic radiation. Notice frequent fluctuations in the Spiritshack emf meter and monitor if the readings go beyond the normal range. If it happens, then the chances are that your suspicions might be true. However, make sure that you are not hallucinating and these emissions are not coming from electronic devices nearby.


Whether you plan a night adventure or your day trip extends to nighttime, a portable light source is a must-have in your travel bag. A light source is not just for navigating through pre-dawn or post-dusk adventurous roads but also for reading historical booklets. It is advisable to go for a small and light-weight light source not to feel burdened during your trip. Also, don’t forget to get yourself a light with an extra battery compartment, so you don’t have to worry if you ever run out of battery.


Let’s admit it; smartphones have become a necessity in today’s world. From sending a small message to your loved ones to capturing fun-filled moments and surfing online information, smartphones help individuals in various aspects of life. Therefore, it is no secret; you need to have your smartphone for your adventurous trip.

After all, what’s the fun if you are not making memories and sharing them with your friends and family? However, chances are you may experience rainfall, dirt, snow, or even a downfall. Since smartphones are sensitive gadgets, you need to be extra careful and well prepared to encounter such issues. A best practice is to cover your smartphones with strong life proof and waterproof cases.


Sure, you plan to capture all the images and videos using your smartphone, but does your phone have night vision features? You cannot use a flashlight at all places while seizing the moments as it might affect the image or video quality. That’s why purchasing a good-quality camera with infrared vision is an excellent option for your adventurous journey. You can record things and moments without actually using a flashlight using a camera. Make sure to take an easy-to-use, pocket-friendly, and waterproof camera to make the most out of it.


Are you planning to pack sunglasses for your little adventure to look classy? That’s great, but how about purchase one that also serves multi-purposes. Here, video-recording sunglasses come in handy. These sunglasses not only protect your eyes from blazing suns but also assist you in capturing recording the fascinating moments of your adventure.

Try to purchase easy-to-wear and waterproof sunglasses, so you don’t miss any of your precious moments. You can record a minimum thirty seconds video using these spectacles and automatically transfer files to your mobile phone through the Snapchat app. Thus, adding video recording sunglasses in your travel bag can make your trip a fun activity.


So you have decided to take your smartphone with you on your trip. Although you have fully charged all your tech devices, what would you do if any of them ran out of battery? That’s why bringing an adapter can prove to be helpful. Get yourself a universal adapter that you can use in all countries to back up your electronic device’s battery.

However, there are cases where even an adapter fails you and becomes a blockage for your adventure. In such circumstances, a power bank can save you. Powerbank is an excellent resource for your laptop, camera, and mobile phone battery in areas with no power outlet.


Are you thinking of adding a little flavor to your trip? Packing a portable Bluetooth might be your go-to option. Bluetooth speakers allow you to put on some relaxing music and enjoy your trip even more. Bluetooth devices are usually small and easy-to-operate, which provides you with the best sound quality. You can download your favorite music so you can listen to them even if you are offline.


Have you ever planned so much for a trip only to end up with an annoying stomach ache? Contaminated tap water is one of the reasons why most travelers get sick to the stomach. It generally happens in areas that have severe weather conditions. The water supply from the taps is full of bacteria that leave irritated and nauseous throughout the trip.

Therefore, make sure to add a purified water bottle to your checklist before you begin with your journey. The water bottle works to filter out the germs and chemicals from any water source; from a lake, mountain, or river. With this advanced purified bottle system, there wouldn’t be a need to buy a mineral water bottle every time. Thus, you can play a part in reducing plastic footprint and save cost.


Although an adventure trip’s primary purpose is to unwind yourself, technology in today’s world can add more fun to your experience. After all, you don’t want to miss a chance of making memories. Therefore, gear yourself up for a trip full of excitement and enjoy a spectacular vacation with the cool gadgets at your hand.


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