An Eco-Friendly Cooling Device ‘Eco-Cooler’ Runs without Electricity and Can Reduce Temperature by 5 deg Celsius!

As temperatures rise in many parts of the country, we become vulnerable to heat cramps, exhaustion, dehydration and heat stroke.   

According to studies in America, hundreds of people around the world die every year from heat-related conditions, which can be completely avoided if preventive measures are taken.  

A simple idea could become a solution to beat the summer heat; Bangladesh might have just found the perfect solution to the world’s problem of rising temperatures.    

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Grey Dhaka teamed up with some of the volunteering employees of the Grameen Intel Social Business Ltd to fight the summer heat in Bangladesh where temperature reach up to 45 deg Celsius making corrugated tin huts unbearable to live in.

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A team in the Dhaka office of the New York based Agency Grey, conceived and incubated the first ever zero electricity air cooler called the Eco-Cooler.   

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These Eco-Coolers have been installed in villages at Nilphamari, Daulatdia, Paturia, Modonhati and Khaleya in Bangladesh.  

The Eco-Cooler works better for houses which are made with corrugated tins. Since most of the houses in Bangladesh are made in this way, the cooler works miracles for them. Even India can endorse this technology in the rural sections of the country, given that most of our rural house-structures echo the corrugated tin houses of Bangladesh.  

How does Eco-Cooler work?  

To understand this simple idea, let’s do one exercise. Open your mouth wide and blow on your hand. Now, purse your lips and blow again. Latter was cooler? That is because the warm air gets forced through a smaller space compressing the air and thus cooling it!

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The Eco-Cooler uses waste plastic bottles cut in half and the necks are planted through cardboard sheets the size of a typical window. The cardboard sheets are then firmly placed in front of the windows.   

As the hot air passes through the bottles, it is compressed and leaves the bottlenecks. Based on the direction of the wind and the pressure created by airflow, the Eco-Coolers have been successful in decreasing the temperature in these tin huts by up to 5° Celsius.  

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“After initial tests, blueprints of the Eco-Cooler were put up online for everyone to download for free. Raw materials are easily available due to the lack of recycling facilities in Bangladesh, therefore, making Eco-Coolers a cost-effective environment-friendly solution”, said Syed Gousul Alam Shaon, Managing Partner and Chief Creative Officer at Grey Dhaka, reports Grameen-Intel.  

Should the government of India implement this simple Idea to the Indian villages with less or no power supplies? I think we must implement such an eco-friendly solution which brings some respite to the people during the summer heat.


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