5 Tricks To Fix any Computer Problems You Run Into

Many people depend on their computer for various reasons that it becomes a serious problem if something is to go wrong. It would help if you got your laptop back up and running as soon as possible, but that is not only the case. The process of fixing can take a long time, thus hindering your productivity. It isn’t an easy thing to figure out where to begin if your computer starts troubleshooting, especially if you do not know how to handle such a situation. Before running for professional help, here are some fixings you can do for yourself (Image source).

Run a Virus Scan

Taking care of viruses in your computer Is one obvious thing you can do and the most effective way of taking care of your computer. Launch your virus-scanning tool on your computer and let the tool do its work. You should note that most software you use for your computer might not be the one needed by default. Don’t be fooled by the scans that take forever to complete. The other thing you will need to consider when running a scan is to ensure that the scanner is up to date to deal with the latest wave of unwanted codes.

You might have come across an antivirus scanner that misses threats no matter how many times you scan it. It is advisable to get a second opinion so that your data on the computer is safe. Many antivirus developers make a light-weight on-demand scanner that acts as a second layer of protection.

Update the Tools You are Using

Many of the computer problems you experience are due to outdated software. The obsolete software can lead to the outbreak of ransomware and keyboards’ malfunctions when you type. The good thing about software updates is that they happen automatically, as your computer will reboot itself when you least expect it to.

It is important to look for updates for your other applications like your internet browser and the antivirus programs, even if you have set them to update automatically. The update feature should be easy to use, but you can look for help if you get stuck.

After updating all your software, your problem will be fixed for good. Set your tools to be updated automatically in the background, and as a result, you will run into fewer computer problems.

Cut Down on Bloats

You might think that leaving unused and unimportant files in your computer’s hard drive is harmless, but actually, it is. The more stuff you save, the more your operating system has to work harder. Too much filling leads to files breakage and stored in different places in your computer through a process known as fragmentation. Fragmentation leads to less storage space.

If you discover that your computer is running slower than usual, the system might be battling the huge weight of defragmentation. The only way to solve the problem is by uninstalling software you no longer use and need, thus clearing space.

Once you have removed the unused app, you need to also delete new files like movies you have watched and duplicate photos. This is to say, the less your computer is congested, the fewer problems you will experience.

Make Sure You Have Proper DLLs Installed

If you keep running into the api-ms-win-crt-heap-l1-1-0.dll missing error when you try to open a program, it’s most likely due to the fact that the program is missing that specific DLL. This is a quick and easy fix, all you have to do is reinstall the missing DLL to the program file, and it should be up and running again. If this doesn’t solve the error, there’s a myriad of other resources online for this exact type of problem.

Reinstall Your Operating System

Reinstalling your operating system and starting from scratch is one way of getting rid of bloat, as discussed above. Reinstalling gets rid of troubleshooting problems, gets rid of viruses and bugs while resetting your internet connections. The only thing you need to consider is making sure all your data is backed up before you start the reinstalling process. You don’t need expert help to reinstall your operating system as it is a simple process you can do by yourself.

Though it is not a guarantee that you will get rid of the problem you were experiencing by reinstalling your OS, it is worth trying.

Test Your Wi-Fi Connection

This troubleshooting trick only applies to internet-related issues. You have to figure out where the problem is coming from to get your internet up and to run. This is a process you can do by yourself as it is a simple task. The problem might be with your device or your internet provider.

These are some ways you can solve problems you might be experiencing from your computer all by yourself, and as you can see, the process of doing so is simple.


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