6 Common Mistakes in Software Installation – With 6 Solutions

Most Common Mistakes in Software Installation and How to Avoid Them

The software development industry is changing at a never-to-slow-down pace. Numerous new features are being added every day, keeping the customer value and ease of doing business on top priority. In such a scenario, it becomes crucial to analyse the customer requirements and understand the client’s task to avoid any kind of problems at the development and installation stages.

This constant need for improvements can cause a slip in adherence to best practices, eventually leading to mistakes. Some of these mistakes are common during software installation, especially in ERP software solution by companies. Further, the more prolonged the problem, the harder it becomes to correct the errors, and the multiple retries cost the business time, resources and a significant amount of money.

Have a look at some common software installation mistakes that should be avoided for a successful implementation.

1. Trying to Install Software in an Insufficient Disk Space

Insufficient disk space is a common error that occurs faced while software installation now and then. Numerous ERP users have reported their experience where they received this error message. The major reason behind this is the lack of free space in the target folder or drive where software installation is being performed. This means that more space is needed for the completion of installation.

Solution: This mistake could be resolved by several methods. However, the easiest way to fix this is to delete unnecessary files. Another way is to extend the disk space in case nothing can be deleted from the existing memory.

2. Starting Installation Process Without Local Administrator Rights

The mistake could be made under the following scenarios being true:

● You are not permitted to access the target file/folder where ERP files are to be stored,
● The installation file you are interacting with is corrupt,
● In case you are using third-party software for ERP security, it may be the one blocking the installation.

Solution: Most users make this mistake while installing ERP or other software by not allocating sufficient access permissions. So it is recommended to take the file’s ownership and then check for the issue if it persists.

If you are falling into a scenario where you are not an admin, then a person with administrator rights must enter their admin credentials to continue the ERP software installation.

3. Stopping Installation Before All the Files Get Copied to the Computer

Sometimes, files could take much time to load depending on their size. So, if you mistakenly feel that the copy process has hung and deliberately cancelled the software installation, then it could be harmful to your files. It could not only corrupt them but can also lead to data loss.


● Wait patiently and let the system complete the filing process of the file transfer.
● Stop the copying process and retry the file transfer process, as it is recommended in instances of a system freeze.
● Stop the programmes and services running at the backend, hindering the software installation process as they could be consuming large memory of CPU/Disk and obstructing your work.

4. Proceeding without Planning

A lot of mistakes can be avoided simply through proper planning and execution, even if you are new to something as important yet complex as SAP software implementation. Before picking an ERP software for your business, you need to figure out the set of requirements and dependencies that would be needed during software installation. Without a set timeline and planning, some steps could be missed or overlooked, leading to disruptions in the installation process or post-installation working of the software.

Solution: Before planning to begin any software installation, following a proper schedule and order of installation files helps in reducing unnecessary hassles.

In the case of ERP solutions, you can try opting for a company having good experience in ERP software implementation along with a successful track record of services and positive client testimonials.

5. Not Providing Proper Employee Training

Whether in a small business or a large organisation, implementing new software can be a daunting task. The overall working of the software depends on its successful installation and proper operability. A common mistake that organisations make is not conducting formal software training/s for their employees that could give them a complete idea of the ERP software installation steps and configs.

Solution: Conducting planned demo sessions to make the employees familiar with the new software installation and become proficient in using it.

6. Not Taking Adequate Security Measures

Modern businesses have a massive overload of data which acts as the backbone of a business and thus needs to be safely stored to help the business to thrive in the competitive industry. And any potential data loss could adversely affect the reputation and profits of the company. Despite this, some business owners try to save their costs by implementing proper security measures while installing crucial business software. This negligence could not just bring that business down but can also hamper the data of the customers.

Solution: Investing in data backup and recovery solutions should be a part of every business to ensure good data security and confidentiality.

Hire the Right Professionals

Taking the above-mentioned common software installation mistakes into consideration, one could easily dodge problems by hiring a team of professionals. If you are a business owner and you are looking to ensure zero software installation mistakes in your organisation, Uneecops Business Solution is your ultimate stop!

Contact us & get a top-notch ERP software installation for your business and unveil a plethora of benefits today!


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