How to Improve Your Writing Skills Using Technology

Meta: Many people find it easy to express thoughts through speech, but when it comes to writing, they face challenges. However, with technology individuals can improve their writing skills effortlessly and save time. Online sources have made this possible.

You can leverage technology to improve your writing!

Writing is an important skill especially to students and most of the working class. This is because writing leaves a lasting impression of your language skills. For example, grammatical errors and the flow of ideas show your prowess in writing. Although expression of ideas through writing is not a measure of intelligence, a student could receive a lower grade despite comprehending the theme of the discussion. On the other hand, in the workplace, colleagues and others may see you as a lazy bone and an untrustworthy if your email has literary errors.

Apart from it, students must track their grades point average regularly to know in which subject they need improvement. Students can utilize free advanced widget known as GPA calculator to calculate their grades!

They also perceive that your speaking ability is worse. This is the reason why people should improve their writing skills to stay ahead in school and in the professional world.

Tips to Help You Improve Your Writing

Technology has transformed different aspects of lives for the better and writing can also be improved. Remember you cannot learn a skill overnight this calls for patience. The guideline below will help you with your writing skills.

Invest Time in Typing

We tend to think faster than we type. Transforming thoughts into language is slow, especially when you are writing or typing, because you have to search for a single key at a time. This process can cause you to lose concentration or get frustrated, but you can control the situation and improve your thought process so you can type effortlessly. With time, your typing will be faster and more accurate.

Utilize Grammar Checkers

Using trusted online platforms to check for grammatical errors is important because it helps the individual to recognize and correct the mistakes in his work. You can utilize these platforms by revising through the suggestions and corrections they provide, and at the end of the day, you will realize that you have learned a lot. Improved grammar will help to elevate your grade and the information you relay will be understood. Better in school and at work.

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Plagiarism checker impriving the quality of your work!


Plagiarism Checker

When working on a school project, you have to give credit where it is due to avoid plagiarism which has serious consequences. However, if you use a plagiarism checker, you will be sure that your content is unique, therefore, improving the quality of your work. When you are overwhelmed by work you might ask, “who will write my essay?’ You can find many online websites that specialize in essay writing and other types.

Read E-books

Students are required to write a lot when it comes to writing essays and projects. Carrying large volumes of books can be tiring; however, technology helps students to switch from textbooks to e-books which are more convenient. E-books are less conspicuous because they can be stored on your phone, tablet or Kindle. This allows you to study and improve your writing skills without having to carry a load of textbooks.

Learn About Text Types

Understanding text types is necessary because assignments might require a different kind of English. For example, descriptive essays vary from an expository writing, and they need a different approach when expressing ideas. Technology has made it possible for people to access essential documents from the internet for free. There are also online tutors who guide

students through simplified step-by-step tips on different types of writing and correcting them as well as providing practical suggestions.


Numerous videos can be accessed from different parts of the globe provided one has the right devices. A student can be able to access free videos tutorial video from online sources such as YouTube where different people offer various tricks and tips. This way, you end up having multiple sources of information and many ideas on how to improve your writing. A student can also access class lessons or even live-stream from a different location.

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Get access to free tutorial videos from online sources!



The more time you spend reading, the more your vocabulary improves. Numerous blogs specialize in instructing people on how to do different things. There are also educational blogs

that could help you learn the structure of the language and different writing styles. Other blogs update stories or excerpts from the classics such as William Shakespeare’s works.


Sometimes, it gets exhausting trying to find a word that describes a situation or express your views. Going through your text dictionary can take a lot of time but using an online dictionary or thesaurus will save time and make your work easier by providing many synonyms and antonyms. Regular use of the online dictionary will get you acquainted with multiple words that you can utilize even when not checking thesaurus.


Writing is difficult compared to speaking because an individual has to spell words that sound easy when pronounced but might be difficult to write. Although writing might be a challenge to many people, technology makes it easier to learn and improve this aspect of their lives. Various online platforms, as well as downloadable materials, can contribute to the learning process.

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