What is Brave Browser – All You need to Know

Between Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Edge, it’s hard to break into the web browser market – but Brave managed to do just that in 2018. Its user base has grown at a rate of 450% since its inception. Another staggering number is 20 million – that’s how many people have downloaded Brace since March ‘19.

These massive numbers make it seem like Brave is a pretty great browser. And it is! Here’s what you might not know about Brave:

What is Brave Browser?

It’s open-source and free, and its focus is speed, privacy and, security. It’s available for desktops, phones or both. Syncing Brave is easy if you want to communicate between your mobile devices and computer.

Brave browser has a lot of clout in part because of its resume – a founder of Browser Giant Mozilla, who also created JavaScript co-founded Brave.

The developers wanted to produce a browser-based on privacy in a world where advertisers consider human beings and their activities to be commodities. You can depend on Brave to keep your information safe and Brave lets you save or delete your data. It also has an ad blocker and ad tracker built-in. Most importantly, this browser fights nefarious software and activities like malware and phishing.

Why You Should Use Brave?

It’s easy to use Brave, which comes equipped with an easy to use interface. Brave was built on the code that was made to create Google Chrome, so it has anything you might expect from using Google Chrome while not having to go crazy on memory or resources. You can get almost any app, theme or extension from the Chrome Store for Brave. One caveat: the more extensions you install, the greater the chances your data gets harvested and sold to advertisers.

That’s why Brave displays messages that come with the extensions warning you that they have not reviewed the extension you are trying to download, so proceed with caution. In these days of the wild, wild, web, it’s up to users to make wise choices about extensions that might do damage to data integrity.

While we are talking about a brave browser, it’s important that its important to understand why this browser is the best. Let’s say you are listening to your favorite songs in your browser with the best audiophile headphones under 300 but your browser crashes. Don’t worry this won’t happen in the case of a brave browser unless you have too much load and poor operating system.

If you are really concerned with online privacy, be sure to read the messages that come along with extensions carefully. It’s your responsibility to make decisions about third-party extensions that might harm the integrity of your data.

Brave lets you access information easily. Simply hover your cursor over an open tab to see what details about the page you are on. You can also access personal data, like statistics about tracking content that was blocked.

Brave Browser is one of the fastest browsers you could use, which is surprising when you realize how packed with features it is. Why is it so fast? Because obtrusive third-party ads have been blocked, meaningless content needs to be downloaded when you go where you want to go online.

If you are using Brave on your phone, your pages will load up to 8 times faster. On a desktop, Brave is about 2-3 times faster than Firefox and Chrome.

On average, if you are using Brave on mobile, you can expect your pages to load up to eight times faster. On the desktop, Brave is around two to three times faster than Firefox or Chrome.

Brave might be the most secure browser you can use today. It automatically blocks malicious ads, and can’t access any data that could identify you. Any information Brave collects can’t even be traced back to your computer or phone. If you still think that your data is being hacked, try visiting a computer repair shop near you.

If you remember the “heartbleed” security incident, you’ll be relieved to know that Brave has HTTPS Everywhere built it, favoring the use of encryption at any chance possible. If you’re feeling really tired of being tracked and sold, there’s a fingerprinting feature too available in settings that will put an end to third party tracking.

Brave can save you money when you use it on mobile. A shocking and maddening fact is that 50% of all monthly data goes to loading ads and trackers. Even worse, loading these ads you never asked for that invade your privacy can shrink your battery life by 21%. Because Brave blocks these ads, it will save you the money you’d otherwise spend on data.

If we haven’t sold you on Brave yet, let’s talk about the Brave ads program. If you are opt-in to this program, your favorite content providers receive a bit of money, and you get 15% of the ad revenue. 1 to 5 ads can be viewed in an hour.

This browser is disruptive to publishers. If publishers provide good content, people will choose you as a provider when they use Brave. Users can even make optional monthly donations or tips to sites with content that is worth reading.

If you’re a Chrome user, there is literally nothing to lose when you try out Brave – all of your settings and data can be imported straight from Chrome because both browsers were built on Chromium.

You can install Brave on Android Phones, iOs devices, Windows, Mac, and Linux devices for secure browsing that doesn’t take too much configuration or thought.

Brave is so successful because it’s getting things right – people are tired of being tracked, traded and sold and are happy to switch to a browser that treats their data with dignity and respect.

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