What are the Most Popular WordPress Plugins and their Features?

Unquestionably, WordPress is one of the best platforms for developing any type of website.  From basic to advanced levels, it has several user-friendly features and functionalities in its pocket. (Image source)

All this makes it easy for anyone to create a dream website.  But, some specific things are not there by default, so, there is a need to integrate some certain features.

Positively, the comprehensive  WordPress Plugin Development Services has given a solution for this.  They have integrated plugins – the tool used for adding or improving the WordPress functionality. With the accurate set of WordPress tools and plugins, you can easily grow your business.

WordPress has 55000+ plugins in its pocket.  It allows you to pick the one that you think is according to your business website.  Importantly, there is a need to understand what WordPress plugins are? 

What are WordPress Plugins?

The WordPress CMS has several features that allow the users to create and run the WordPress website in an easy way. The best part is that even the beginners can leverage WordPress to its best. Nevertheless, it has so much. If you want more options or features to include in your website, then WordPress is also there for you. 

It has pieces of add-on software, known as WordPress plugins. These plugins offer extra features and functionalities that make your website as per your requirement. Even if it is about a small change, you can use a plugin to have it. Generate leads and improve the conversion rate by including security features, contact forms, and an online store as well. 

Below we have curated some of the reasons that make adding the WordPress plugin to your website essential: 

  • To add targeted and specific functionality and features to build the website of your need.
  • Few plugins perform the functional aspects of creating a website more accessible. 
  • Lastly, plugins can convert your website safer and improve its performance as well. 

Let’s get straight to the point- here, in this article, we have come up with the leading 5 WordPress plugins that you must use to get beneficial results.

5 Best WordPress Plugins You Must Have

#1. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a plugin that is used for all eCommerce websites. Those who are following the conventional route should get this all-in-one WordPress plugin.

Because it has several customizations, extensions, and features, you can easily create the online store of your choice without any technical expertise. With several themes to sell the affiliate, digital, and physical product to countless conversion optimization tools, WooCommerce has everything your eCommerce website requires. 

This plugin is the efficient and most reliable one for your business. It allows you to be in touch with your customers even when they leave your online store with an effective notification system.   

#2. Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 permits you to develop and manage different types of contact forms from the reCaptcha verification. It assures that every spammy submission is filtered out from Akismet, merely in some seconds. This plugin does not allow you to be the technical expertise to build and publish the contact form. You can create it easily. Also, the Contact Form 7 correspondingly will fill up your inbox with customer’s messages.

#3. WPForms

If you are looking for the user-friendly contact forms plugin, then WPForm is the name for you. As a drag and drop online form builder, it enables you to build payment forms, contact forms, online order forms, email subscription forms, polls, surveys, and all that type of online form in some minutes only.

WPForms has different marketing and payment platforms from where you can create effective forms. It, also, integrates an option to develop a custom WordPress user login and registration form page.

#4. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO performs outstandingly when it is about on-page optimization. It improves every flaw that is left behind, and therefore, improves the functionality and efficacy.

If you already have carried out the general keyword research, then, with the help of Yoast SEO, you can optimize the content and make it search engine ready. This plugin covers everything from, title and H2 tags optimization, to target keyword density, metadata, basic readability.

#5. MemberPress

MemberPress permits you to create membership websites and online communications from WordPress. This plugin is the perfect WordPress membership plugin that you can get. With this plugin, you can make the restricted content and subscriptions to the users on the basis of the subscription plans. 

It works best with all leading payment gateways and works adequately with every online store with WooCommerce.

Wrapping Up

The WordPress plugins are known for providing the fundamental features, speed optimization, Search engine optimization improvement, and enable the content and products to sell in an effective way.

We, hope, the mentioned list helps you to get the plugin for your WordPress website. Do not forget that it does not require you to install every single plugin, even though the plugins have all the features your website needs.

Write to use if you already are using them, share your opinions with us. Or, in case you have some doubts, then let us know in the comment section.

Thanks for reading!!

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