The Natural Way to Protect Your Skin Against the Sun

Summer is just about to knock our doors. Is your skin prepared to face the wrath of summers fiercely? Direct and constant sun exposure is a sure sign of damaging your skin from within. Skin cancers and premature aging are the most typical signs of sun damage. Yet, we need sun exposure to help boost the production of Vitamin D in our body. Vitamin D assists in the maintenance of your skin’s health, tone, and texture. However, you need a sunscreen lotion to prevent from counter-effects of solar radiations.

Top natural ways to shield your skin from damaging effects of the solar radiations:


Ensure that the food you eat provides UV protection-

The first route to healthy skin is eating what is right and in eating it incorrect amounts. Studies show that the sea-foods rich in Omega-3 contents are good UV protectants. Sea-foods such wild salmon, mackerel and tuna rate high in Omega-3 contents and protects cells from the free radical damage. In turn, there is a minimal chance of onset of skin carcinoma.

Eat the right amount of green veggies-

Dark green leafy vegetables are rich in anti-oxidants that are essential for skin health. These anti-oxidant protects from the cancerous tissue growth. Leafy green vegetables are an abundant source of lutein as well as zeaxanthin which are essential anti-oxidants for skin protection. These anti-oxidants play a pivotal role in naturally protecting your skin from the plethora of skin related complications such as wrinkling, sunburns and skin cancers.

Eat on nuts-

Walnuts, chia seeds, and hemp seeds are all rich sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. As our body cannot make this fatty acid on its own, it is essential to obtain it from external sources. Omega-3 fatty acids help in maintaining your skin intact and possess anti-inflammatory properties.

Are you maintaining your body on green tea?

Green tea fights against all causes of non-melanoma types of skin cancers. It is rich in polyphenols which aid in reducing cancer development. Researches worked out on green tea administration to a mice decreased the tumour occurrences in them after being exposed to UV radiations. In yet another research study, a regular green tea intake was found to be beneficial in reducing UVA-induced skin damage. This further resulted in protecting the mice from collagen decrease.

Optimize your mineral intake value-

You do not need to worry about your mineral intake value if you strictly adhere to a balanced diet. However, for those who do not feed on a balanced diet regularly, deficiency of certain minerals might cause irreversible effects. Essential mineral deficiency such as that of zinc and magnesium results in photosensitivity as well as sun rashes. Keep track of your mineral intake and improvise wherever you fall short of it.

Rub coconut oil at night-

Cold pressed coconut oil is bundled with a healing benefit to prevent your skin from ageing signs. It is known to release the right amount of anti-oxidants into your skin to keep it hydrated. These anti-oxidants are natural skin sensor boosters which prevent skin damage arising out of constant sun exposure.

Use sunscreen lotion-

Regular use of a sufficient amount of sunscreen is clinically proven to calm down the after effects of sun exposure. At least 15-20 minutes before you step out of the house, make it a habit to apply sunscreen. Use sunscreen with an SPF value above 30 and a water-resistant formulation.

Also, opt for a brand that ensures for broad-spectrum protection against all forms of ultra-violet radiations.

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