7 Questions to Ask Before Repairing or Replacing an Appliance

Home appliance is one of the things that cause major expenses in every home and it is very stressful when it needs to repair or replace. Freeze is not cooling the stuff. The washing machine stopped spinning. Air conditioner cooling is not good or geyser is not working. Any of these breakdowns disturb the daily routine.

Frequent malfunction in appliances puzzle the people and make them confuse between repair or replacement options. If appliances are under trouble and you are not sure if it is a time to replace or repair do ask these questions before calling to a repairman or replacing.

How much does the repair cost?

If an appliance is experiencing a catastrophic failure which requires huge expenses in part replacement and labor to fix better go to a store and replace it with the new one. Various appliance experts suggest that whenever the replacement and labor cost exceeds the 50 percent cost of a new product then replace appliance is the best to choose. Many times due to the unavailability of the defective part of the appliance no choice has left rather than purchasing the new product.

Age of the appliance:

Before planning for replacing your older appliances apply the 50 percent rule. If appliances are more than halfway its expectancy and require repair work more than 50 percent of its original cost, then replacement is best to opt. If your machine is less old than a year a went into trouble check its warranty period. Most of the appliances companies offer at least one year of warranty. Under warranty period appliance repair generally does not require any cost to pay. 

It is good to go for a repair option if the warranty period has expired and you don’t want to replace it immediately. But if the appliances need frequent repair and cause several repair bill then it may be a time to say goodbye to your older one.

Age of the appliance and their replacement

The average life of home appliances in general consideration is around 6 to 15 years if they are in regular use. The less usage and the rare usage of appliances will stay longer. The expectancy of household appliances is quite uncertain and completely depends on the frequency of usage and regular servicing. For example, the life span of a small family’s washing machine will be longer than the big family’s washing machine because of its less use and minimal workload.

Are you willing to buy more energy-efficient appliances?

Energy cost is also an important factor to consider. If your appliances are working well but it consumes too much energy and you can save energy for the long run by replacing it with an energy-efficient product, then move ahead. For example, a star rating of an air conditioner defines its energy-saving capacity. Replacing a lower star rating AC with a higher star rating AC saves a lot in the long run.

Does maintenance extend the life of the appliance?

The proper maintenance of appliances can prevent you from the trap of repair and replace. Vacuum the fridge condenser coil for removing the dust causes the refrigerator to work efficiently. Clean the oven with the soda and water to remove the layer of grease. Don’t overload the washing machine and dishwasher and handle them carefully. In this way, the regular maintenance and proper handling of other appliances prevent the cost of repair and replace.

Style statement:

It is completely a personal choice of someone. Some people are very particular about the style. Their points to determine when to replace the appliance may sound weird to a few people. The style-conscious customer likes proper coordination between the furniture, appliances and the color of the wall. If the color or style of the appliance seems outdated and mismatched with the uniformity of the house they prefer to replace it. 

What is your priority?

Be sure about your priorities. If budget is your priority, then evaluate which option among repair and replace the value for money. You can check the above list of questions for good evaluation. Sometimes people can’t effort the immediate expense of replacement. It is suggested for them to wait for an offer period when they can buy the new appliance even in low EMI. 


When to repair and replace is completely up to you. But analyzing the above question may help you to decide the best for you. It is wiser to get ensured if you are getting what you are desired for. To prevent yourself from the critical situation it is better to save some funds for emergency malfunction of the appliances. So you will be able to spend on Appliance repair or replacement in an urgent situation without being panic.

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