How Instagram is the Leading Social Media Site?The Best App for Image Sharing

Instagram is the king of social networking. It is widely popular. You would seldom see a smartphone where the app is not loaded. It’s there everywhere. And the users who are into Instagram, and are heavily or perhaps frequently using the app falls among all age groups and comes from all parts of the world.   

The developed and the developing countries, all have Instagram users and the teenagers, adolescents, youths, middle-aged, and even the seniors, all age groups and types of people have IG accounts which they operate from their smartphones and access also on computers.  

Instagram, in fact, is the new entertainment, and people love to use this as a great picture storing and sharing app. Lots of reasons govern the huge popularity of Instagram, and the more you will delve into it, the more you will be surprised how one photo-sharing social site can be so popular, interesting, and multi-faceted.  

Some interesting statistics about Instagram

Before you find out the reasons behind the high popularity of Instagram, you must know how much this app and site is being used globally and to what extent.   

Below are some interesting statistics on Instagram. The exact figures may vary due to the difference between the date of the survey and record taking and date of mention on this post. But the numbers suggest the closest reality.

  • Globally there are more than 800 active users of Instagram, some of whom visit their accounts several times in a day, and some a few times in a week or month. But they are all active, and this number is constantly growing each day. 
  • It’s a notion that IG is famous only amongst the adolescents. Grownups use this equally and even more. Statistics say almost 60% of the Instagram users are grownups.
  • The majority of the rest of the users are between 17 to 19 years.
  • Once again, it’s a myth of many that only the US people are more active on Instagram, which is not so. More non-US people are active on Instagram than US users.
  • The business accounts on Instagram consists of 25% of all IG accounts.
  • Instagram is a great place to promote business. And almost 60% of the users on IG report they came to know about a business, service, or product from Instagram.
  • Most active users prefer to daily visit their accounts daily operate it and uploads images too.
  • 35% daily logins from active users are reported every day.
  • Almost 70% of users do their online window shopping and look at products and services, and explore through business profiles on Instagram every day.

Why do so many users visit Instagram? 

Instagram is into use for many reasons, and they are as follows:

  • You can upload photos to Instagram instantly. This indeed is an interesting aspect of Instagram. In this app, photos can be uploaded directly from the mobile phone. You capture images through the smartphone and immediately upload them to your Instagram profile. And quite interestingly, you actually cannot upload photos from your computer on the IG site. Only mobile uploads are allowed, making it an extremely mobile friendly app and social media photo sharing site.
  • Filters are a huge advantage in Instagram. When you upload images, you apply filters. And when you apply filters, the images get polished, highlighted, beautified, and a little personalized. Hence people use the IG filters happily to edit their images wherever required and make it look better than the real image. You may apply filters right at the time of upload, or may later apply to the already uploaded picture.
  • Instagram offers the facility to tag images by hashtags. When you can tag images, you can groupify images. And this means you declare that image to be apt for view by a certain group of viewers who possesses that preference for their image surfing. And this makes IG special. You can apply as much as 30 hashtags with the image to declare the image apt for those 30 groups or causes. And this is an exceptional way to get exposure and attach to a niche.
  • You can analyze the behavior of your viewers, and watch how people connect to you in various ways. People connect on Instagram in various ways by following, liking, sharing a post, commenting on a post, and also by chatting on a post. So many ways are there for public interactions and establishment of connections, and you really can gradually enter a social network, and get more popular with time. Both normal and business users also take help of third-party services like VVSlikes at a nominal fee to get more likes for their Instagram account for extra popularity.
  • Your pictures, thoughts, and expressions which come with images, can all be shared globally and fetch you exposure, recognition, the joy of sharing, and satisfaction with just a few taps from the smartphone in this IG app.
  • You can get business and traffic through Instagram. Many users use the app just for fun and sharing. And many business owners use the app to spread their message before the online market and millions of viewers worldwide. Hence with so many users of Instagram, this social sharing site definitely is a great platform to share your picture messages and grab undivided attention. For your business, services, product, website, nonprofit, noble cause, concern, social awareness and many more things.
  • You can load unlimited images to your IG account. There are no restrictions to add images and no daily limits. Hence, you can use this account to store pictures too. And your pictures stay safe in your account and show on the profile as long as you keep them, and the IG server stores them securely. 

Concluding notes

Instagram is a beautiful platform to share, get attention, create a market, create a brand, interact with people, create your own online world where you can have our own network, and show your camera captures in style with security. It’s a great place for fun, interaction, social sharing, and business networking.


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