Follow The Latest Trend In Instagram Marketing To Make A Better Connection

Follow The Latest Trend In Instagram Marketing To Make A Better Connection

It is a well-established fact that Instagram is an incredibly captivating and most useful way to establish a connection with your targeted customers. This is because this platform is purely visual. However, there has been a lot of change and development in the features, tools, and elements used in this to make this platform even more useful especially if you want your marketing efforts to pay off well.   

All you need to know is about the latest trends in 2018 and the ways in which you can make the best use of it. As a marketer, you must know that the top Instagram trend in 2018 is the ‘pay to play’ feature.   

This, in fact, has become the dream of every marketer allowing them an easy access to over 800 million users. Such a vast number of users also mean more competition, more clutter and other challenges that you need to overcome successfully.  

Know the changes

In March 2018, Instagram declared that they are introducing a few changes in their algorithm so that you have more control over your feed. These changes will also ensure that you see the posts timely.

Such changes include:  

• Testing the new posts button that will help you to control while the page refreshes and to see all the new posts in the timeline and   

• An update that will ensure that these newer posts appear first in your feed  

This means that Instagram is still experimenting with their algorithm which may be good news for the users but is certainly bad for the brands. However, with that said, it is not all gloom and doom for businesses. Why? It is because 8 out of 10 users usually follow Instagram for at least one business.  

The ray of hope

Since a large number of user involvement and engagement poses an increased competition, it also results in more saturation. Apart from that, the combination of the decreasing organic reach will compel you to pay to play in 2018. However, if you can follow the right process, you can make it your best shot at getting your content to stand out from the crowd and get real Instagram likes.   

It is essential to know at this point that it is only the Instagram Business Accounts that can have access to your promoting posts. To ensure that you use it properly, here are a few simple tips and steps to follow:  

• Start with making sure that your business profile is set to public by heading over to the profile  

• Then click at the gear shift wheel icon and switch to Business Profile  

• Next tap on the particular post that you want to promote  

• Select “Promote” and   

• Lastly, tap to fill in all of the required details.   

At this juncture, you must remember that setting up a boosted ad is one thing and it is another thing to know which particular post you need to boost. Ideally, you must only boost those posts that will effectively engage and will be liked by the people.


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