Infinity SAV USA Developed a Generator Solely Powered by Magnets, Could Reduce Electricity Cost by 90 Per cent

The history of Magnets is very interesting, it is believed that magnets were discovered way back 4,000 years ago in Ancient Greece. 

A Cretan shepherd found the nails in his shoes and the metal tip of his herding staff stuck to a black rock. The rock, lodestone, was infused with magnets! 

The first law of thermodynamics says “Energy can be neither created nor destroyed,” which was written by a German physician and physicist Julius von Mayer in 1841. One can conclude from this law that, energy just transforms from one form to other.

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Images credit: Infinity SAV USA

“Magnetism is a force, but it has no energy of its own. Magnetism is extremely useful for converting energy from one form to another. About 99% of the power generated from fossil fuels, nuclear and hydroelectric energy, and the wind come from systems that use magnetism in the conversion process,” according to David Cohen-Tanugi, Vice President of the MIT Energy Club and a John S. Hennessy Fellow in MIT’s Materials Science and Engineering department.

In fact, a magnet has an important role in the renewable energy arena as it applies to clean energy sources such as wind, tidal, and wave energy. It reduces or even eliminates the gearbox in wind turbines.

Today, we also use magnets in hybrid cars to computer hard drives that employ magnets, and researchers are currently investigating the potential of strong rare earth magnets composed of alloys of rare earth elements.

The main merit of magnets is their long-lasting feature, it can last 100 years. It doesn’t wear down like batteries. They are a quantum mechanical force and don’t store energy.

Seattle-based clean energy company Infinity SAV USA founded by Gary Tripp 30 years ago, has a goal to create CO2-free power at $0.02 per kWh and cutting the electricity cost by 90 percent. 

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Gary Tripp (Image source: Indiegogo)

His inventions include cloud storage and an online backup system, as well as 7 US patents.

The world is made up of the closed system that can be described by the Law of Conservation of Energy while Quantum Mechanics is an Open System. 

The Quantum Spin of electrons in an Open System cannot be explained using the Law of Conservation of Energy. Magnetism is caused by the quantum mechanical spin of unpaired electrons. Electrons spin forever.

How does it work?

The earlier invention of the magnetic motor failed due to using of apposing magnets with polarities, north repelling north, which creates the cogging and stops the rotation.

While Infinity SAV’s theory says, if we use magnets and opposing coils of copper wire, no cogging effect was created. 

The generator has 250 magnets in the stator and 250 coils of copper wire in the rotor inside.

When a permanent magnet approaches a coil of copper wire, it creates a like polarity in the coil, north creates north and north repels north. It’s a Lorentz Force to create rotary motion and generate electricity without any cogging.

The working prototype has a rotor containing permanent magnets inside a stator containing copper wire coils and the repelling force causes the rotor to spin.

Once the speed of the rotor reaches 1500 rpm, the rotation becomes the self-sustaining source of endless energy.

The journey for creating a clean energy product started when Gary met Andrii Slobodian, a Russian inventor, living in Korea, has invented more than 20 innovative devices and 10 patents including a magnetic air-conditioner, new induction boiler, magnetic boiler, magnetic heater, and smart glass.

Gary was inspired and excited, went to Korea to meet Andrii and examine the generator he’d been working on. They quickly teamed up to bring Andrii’s invention to the U.S. for proper engineering and prototyping.

Now, they have a working prototype of a 3 kW generator powered solely by permanent magnets, spent around $750,000 in their own money to build it in 5 years.

Its crowd fundraising campaign is currently live at Indiegogo with a goal of $300,000 for further engineering, next-generation generator prototype, and other expenses.

This generator will help people by providing affordable electricity for off-grid remote locations, clean water, and air, lighting, running water, refrigeration, heating, recycling applications, and more.


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