KAMI-OTO Helps You to Make DIY Cardboard Musical Keyboard

Being living in a digital era, kids should not lose their creativity! With all the technology they have access to nowadays. Looking for DIY kids crafts your kids can make in the shortest duration? If you want a cool craft idea for the kids to work on, this is for you.  

Reo Nagumo, the founder of YUDO, brings you an innovative design for a cardboard-based musical keyboard. He has a long experience with smartphones applications and created a game called ‘Beat Mania at ‘Konami’. He also worked for Sony Entertainment for few years.  


  This passion for making music apps and composing songs using the piano at YUDO, got him inspired for more creative things for children that make them excited.  

He has now created the KAMI-OTO, a fun DIY musical keyboard made from cardboard – it’s easy, simple, and fun! The impressions and folding movements resemble traditional Japanese ‘Origami’. It was made for all the generations so that they can be immersed to create by hands. 

The user mounts the silicon rubber contacts and assembles the cardboard keyboard component while enjoying the composition until finally, the musical keyboard is complete.  

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It consists of switches such as an octave shifting button for playing, modulator, dampers, etc., that can be used in real-time have been integrated.  

The KAMI-OTO has a simple structure and is easy to use for children. It possesses the capacity to detect velocity (strength of play) and the function keys can alter the MIDI channels as well.   

Since this kit is made from cardboard, it gives you the fun of customization. In addition to using it as a keyboard, you can paint it uniquely or transform it into various musical instruments.  

How to Make Your Own Cardboard Musical Keyboard?   According to the company, once you receive the KAMI-OTO kit, you need to craft cardboard which takes about 30 minutes. As the company supplies the complicated electrical things in a finished form, you don’t need to do further. The Kickstarter campaign of this innovative product is currently live and the company expects to deliver the product by August this year.  

It is sized at W280xD90xH18 and weighs just 80g. It uses the Chip date: ATmega16A-8-bit AVR Microcontrollers, LM386 Microchip Amp, and FT232 USB.  

The details of 1 assemble set – 3 sheets of Cardboard, 1 sheet each of Silicone rubber, Electronic substrate, and Instruction (English).   

The KAMI-OTO kit facilitates connection with computers and smartphones for using applications such as synthesizers to create professional music pieces on a digital audio workstation (DAW).   

Furthermore, you can enjoy listening to music using the integrated sound generator and speaker simply by supplying power via USB.


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