‘Ecocapsule’ eco-friendly house makes possible to live anywhere in the world

The question that arises from the present climate changes around the world is – ‘Do we have a solution for this frightening climate change?’ And fortunately the answer is – Yes. But we have to be resilient and avert any further damages to the environment and each one of us has to contribute at individual level. Carbon emissions by the agriculture, transport, building and construction sectors have to be regulated.

Government leaders, policymakers, investors and concerned citizens must come forward. Reducing the carbon emissions by afforestation, sustainable agriculture, low carbon emitting vehicles or electric cars, eating less red meat, making your houses energy efficient, buying energy efficient appliances, recycling and re-using are some solutions suggested by the environment experts for alleviating climate change.  

Fueled by increased demand a new industry of eco-friendly home building has grown up and a whole host of technological innovations have created an arsenal of eco-friendly building materials and techniques. From wind turbines, to solar panels, to high efficiency lighting, ultra-efficient insulation, glazing, water conservation, plumbing, recycling and much more. One of the greatest innovations in this search of eco-friendly home is now a reality with new tiny home called as ‘Ecocapsule’.

An Innovative ‘Ecocapsule’ has developed by the designers, Nice Architects from Slovakia, made good use of every inch of interior space, though, fitting in a folding bed, a small kitchen, a dining area, a shower and flushable toilet, and even some storage space. Ecocapsule is a low-energy house packed into a compact form. It merges an energy efficient shape, compact volume and off-grid capabilities with the luxuries of a warm bed, running water and a hot meal.  

Even though small in size, each Ecocapsule comfortably houses two adults. Its efficient spatial layout allows you to enjoy convenience of household facilities in off-grid conditions. Built-in kitchenette with running water, flushing toilet and hot shower are luxuries of a hotel room that are now also available in wilderness. Plenty of storage space also fits all your sport or research equipment.  

Despite its small form each Ecocapsule is fitted with all essentials necessary for a comfortable prolonged stay without a need to recharge or re-supply. Spherical shape is optimized for the collection of rainwater and dew and the built-in water filters allow you to utilize any water source.  

Ecocapsule fits into a standard shipping container and no special preparations and precautions are necessary to transport Ecocapsule worldwide. It can be shipped, airlifted, towed or even pulled by a pack animal. Ecocapsule is a portable house offering an unmatched dwelling experience. With its immense off-grid life span, worldwide portability and flexibility it is suitable for a wide range of applications: from an independent research station or a tourist lodge to an emergency housing or a humanitarian-action unit.  

Image credit: Nice Architects  

Ecocapsule is powered by a built-in wind turbine complemented with an array of solar cells. Dual power system and a high-capacity battery ensures that you will have enough power during periods of reduced solar or wind activity. Its roof is decked with 600W solar cells and a built-in 750W wind turbine that store the energy they harness into a high-power battery.

This creates an energy system that can support you for almost an entire year in many off-grid locations. The structure’s shape also allows its inhabitant to collect rainwater by placing containers around it. Since it measures just 14.6 feet long by 7.4 feet wide by 8.4 feet tall, anyone who isn’t into tiny houses might feel more than a bit claustrophobic inside.  

The company doesn’t have a price for the Ecocapsule yet, but it’s presenting one at the Pioneers festival in Vienna later this month and taking pre-orders by the end of 2015. By the looks of it, Nice Architects is willing to ship out the capsules overseas, so long as buyers are willing to pay the rather hefty shipping price (around $2,400 from Slovakia to New York). Once it arrives, the new owner can take the 3,300-pound micro home anywhere he wants.  

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