House in Muko – A Living Concept Uses Maximum Natural Resources

To be kinder to the environment as well as their wallets, in the recent decade people made efforts to create eco products which have become all the rage.

Many folks, however, aren’t happy to stop at solar panels on their roofs, or a hybrid car, or use of sustainable technology. 

Instead, they’ve pulled out all the punches in the name of eco living and built some truly innovative houses, which are entirely, or mainly, made out of natural and eco-friendly materials, uses maximum resources from nature.

The possibilities in what you can use to make a house are endless!


Images Credit: Toshiyuki Yano / Fujiwaramuro Architects

Japanese are known for designing the houses which complement its surrounding environment. Their creations just blend and unite lifestyle without ignoring the ancient cultural heritage.

A design firm, Fujiwaramuro Architects focuses on designing small houses with great views and sustainable living.

They have made a huge vertical louvered “House in Muko” family house, is located in a neighbourhood some distance to the south-west of an area in Kyoto known for its historical buildings.


Images Credit: Toshiyuki Yano / Fujiwaramuro Architects

Uniqueness is its louvers direction which faces to Sun and can be felt inside the house all throughout the year, according to architects Shintaro Fujiwara and Yoshio Muro.

The playroom on the 2nd floor is an open space that is like an extended landing of the staircase.

The house was built during the year 2012, on a site area and building area of 101.1 sq.m and 56.3 sq.m respectively. It has two storeys and its wooden structures look amazing, reports Architizer.

Two-storey-high windows are slotted between each of the louvers to allowing natural to filter evenly through the wall, casting a variety of shadows across the interiors at different times of the day.

The house capitalizes on the shape of the land and it has no partitions between the rooms.

The design of thirteen and 8 meters tall gigantic louvers, placed on the south side of the building, enables direct sunlight to reach far back into the house. At night, the light from the openings in the louvers leaks out into the street softly illuminating the surroundings.

Another feature of the exterior is the Mexican “Yucca rostrata” plants, which are planted on the south side. 


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