4 Tips on How to Make Your Business Fleet Greener

Although we are all aware of the part that transportation plays in the overall pollution, we are also aware that it is a necessary industry for many reasons. Both people and goods transport is not something we can relinquish easily because it helped get us where we are in the sense of global development. 

This is why vehicle manufacturers have been embracing alternative ideas that could make transportation greener yet profitable for those who are in the goods transportation business. So, take a look at some solutions for making your fleet greener that is practical and sensible from the financial perspective. 

Monitor employees’ schedules

Unless absolutely necessary, making your drivers across long distances in one day can lead to many issues such as jeopardizing the safety of drivers. Crossing unreasonable distances in one day can make your drivers sleepy and this is a dangerous situation not only for your employees but for others on that same road.

So, by monitoring the driving schedules and making sure that distances and hours are reasonable, you will, first and foremost, show your employees that you care for their well-being. This would make them more conscientious while on the road and that will keep the fleet’s carbon emissions at a minimum since there would be no reason to drive at high speed to meet some deadline. You would save money on fuel, potential speeding tickets, and ensure road safety.

4 Tips on How to Make Your Business Fleet Greener

Opt for fuel-efficient trucks

Since trucks are the core of your business, you must dedicate enough time to choose the right one(s). You will look for durability, comfort but would probably sacrifice both for the sake of fuel-efficiency if need be. However, if you want to ensure you make the right decision about your fleet’s upgrade, it would be prudent to consult with experienced drivers, business owners or dealerships.

A dealership agent can expertly advise you on a truck that possesses all of the features that you listed, and if you are also insistent on fuel-efficiency, choosing Mack trucks is what they often recommend. It is clear why this feature is good for business in the financial sense: less fuel consumed means less money spent on obtaining it. However, fuel-efficiency is also essential for the environment because such trucks emit less harmful gasses which decreases pollution. 

Provide training for your drivers

If you plan on making this work, you need to get your employees on board. You should talk with them, tell them about your future plans so that they understand the importance of an eco-friendly approach to driving. Also, it would be good to talk to them about concentrating more while on the road because that can help with anticipating the actions of others behind the steering wheels.

Being vigilant regarding the actions of other drivers can prevent accidents but also eliminate the need for harsh braking and sudden acceleration which all affect fuel consumption. Although your employees are skillful drivers, it wouldn’t hurt to organize some training to inform them more about ‘green’ driving practices. Reminding them of these practices helps turn them into a routine in time. 

Leverage on technology 

The question arises: is there a way to know how your trucks are being driven and to monitor their whereabouts so you can optimize the driving schedule? It certainly is – it’s called telematics technology and it’s one of the crucial tools of every fleet manager. This technology can tell you a lot about driver behavior, that is, whether there is a pattern of speeding, idling, and harsh acceleration.

You will also learn exactly when the truck started the route and when it was finished so tracking a vehicle’s location ensures that the job is finished on time. You can monitor the air temperature and even wiper activation which allows you to act quickly if you spot a malfunction. Overseeing the fuel consumption and visibility of the real-time location of vehicles can also help with route planning.

Wrapping up

Make your fleet greener is a joint work since it relies on multiple elements. You need your drivers to practice what you preach and technology to back you up in monitoring the truck’s state, driving behavior, routes, etc. Another essential element in this mix is the trucks because if their fuel consumption is off the charts, no amount of conscientious driving would be able to help.

So, be careful with your choice of trucks, pay attention to your driver’s well-being and road behavior, and strive to implement the most optimal technology that would help with fleet monitoring. These pieces of advice will make all the difference in your strategy to make your business fleet greener. 


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