Meet the World’s First Unmanned App-controlled Store Opened in Shanghai by Wheelys

Our world is full of innovative and creative thoughts and it has been shown by a Swedish company Wheelys.

It has opened the world’s first app-controlled, staff-free convenience store in Shanghai.

It works on 24×7 and aims for a competitive and easier business prototype for small businesses.

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Images credit: Wheelys

The customer needs to install an app on their smartphone which allows them to access the store.

Scan the barcode of the goods and upon leaving the store their credit card will be charged for their purchases.

To prevent theft, a security camera monitors the store for any mischief.

It requires roughly 500 square feet of retail space which is conveniently compact so busy customers can get in and out fast.

The Wheelys Shanghai store is currently in its beta-testing phase and customers wanting to access it must apply through the company’s website. (Source: Wheelys)


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