Survivor Filter PRO X, The World’s First Automatic Portable Three-Stage Water Filter

Water is slowly becoming the most precious commodity on the planet, even more than oil. It is irreplaceable natural resources, vital to our lives and for good health.  

Due to unfortunate natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, or man-made deterioration, chemical spills, pollutions make water unfit for drinking.   Even when you are on an outing to a remote location, streams and rivers in the wilderness can look deceptively clean, when in reality they carry harmful substances that would make anyone who drinks it quite sick.  

Many experts say you’ll live for only three days or so if you completely stop consuming water and FEMA suggests having at least one gallon per person per day for emergency preparedness.

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As part of surviving the wilderness, one of the most necessary things you should carry is a survivor water filter which will help you to fight unexpected situations during outdoor adventures.  

Water filters take that unsafe water and turn it into a clean, drinkable resource so you won’t be left high and dry when your water supply becomes unexpectedly unusable.  

Not all water filtering systems are the same. Invest in a high-quality water filter designated for emergency use as normal filters designed for recreational use may not be able to filter out the same kind of contaminants and chemicals.  

Mark Zakaib, the founder of the Survivor Filter and the former career consulting on military operations in the US, unveils a new Survivor Filter, PRO X, at Indiegogo campaign in hopes to raise $40,000 to bring their product to life. Early adopters can pre-order this filter for the exclusive price of $90(without a solar pack and $115 with).  

He is also the co-owner of a popular Tatoo industry brand called PurKlenz, started his journey 5 years ago with a social goal of providing people with easy access to clean water.   

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Images credit: The Survivor Filter  

“While our customers love the Survivor Filter PRO manual pump, we listened to a lot of feedback and are excited about creating an innovative water filter that is even easier to use. We wanted an effortless version of our water filter that literally anyone could operate. We came back with an automatic version and kept the filtration as amazing as it was with our PRO version. With the triple filtration, the water out of the PRO X will taste even better than a water bottle,” said Mark.  

The Survivor Filter PRO X weighs less than a pound and measures 6.3 inches in height, is an electric water filter that gives instant access to clean water at just push of a button.  

How does Triple Filtration Process work?   

The filter gives an unbelievable filtration level of 0.01 microns, the highest level available on the market today for any kind of portable water filter.  

The three-stage water filtration process consists of a sediment pre-filter, an activated carbon filter, and a hollow-tube membrane ultrafilter.  

According to the company, the cotton pre-filter module is approximately 1″ in diameter and 1.5″ long and is used to prevent sediment and large particulates from entering the filter unit, damaging the pump seals, and prematurely clogging up the Activated Carbon Filter and Ultra-Filter.  

The second stage of the filtration process consists of sending water through an Activated Carbon (AC) filter module before it reaches the Ultra Filter module. The carbon module is approximately 1″ in diameter and 1.5″ long, and threads directly into the base of the Ultra Filter module inside the filter unit.   

As the water passes over the surface of the carbon, contaminants are drawn into the pores where they become trapped resulting in clean, odor-free drinking water.   The final filtration stage, an Ultra Filter (UF), is completely encapsulated in a rugged ABS housing and consists of a medical-grade fiber membrane which is essentially hundreds of small porous hollow tubes that looks a lot like thin spaghetti noodles that are about 6″ long.   

This membrane acts as a barrier, effectively polishing the water by preventing waterborne impurities and particulates 0.01 microns or larger from passing through it. The product has been tested by the Intertek Labs in Columbus, Ohio and it can eliminate 99.99 percent of the virus, staph, and bacteria along with hard metals such as mercury and lead, making it safer for anyone to drink while camping.   

The Survivor Filter PRO X can be powered using a USB port to connect to an external power source or solar pack or two AA batteries, so if the user finds themselves in a remote area they are able to still power the water filter  

What sets the Survivor Filter PRO X apart from other filters is it’s gotten rid of the manual pump that is found in many water filters, which can be very time-consuming and replaced with a multi-functional electric motor. Isn’t it an amazing and creative emergency water filter for your outing?


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