Steps and Benefits of Plant Risk Assessment


We often hear about the negligence of a company in implementing basic security steps in the plants which is a major cause of deaths in workplaces. The company wouldn’t necessarily want these to happen due to various risks.   

They can happen because of mechanical, electrical, radiation, thermal, and operational reasons. These affect the normal flow of the company and the profits of the firm. Thus, plant risk assessment becomes all the more important to avoid their valuable workers’ deaths and to get into legal complications too.   

It is the duty of the employer to provide safe working conditions to the employees in addition to the wages, and if not done so, then it is morally wrong.  


1. Proper assessment leads to a safer and healthier workforce who will work to their fullest potential and efficiency so that the quality production and quantity do not suffer. An injured workforce will not be able to work well and thereby the production will suffer.

  2. As there are lesser risks of injury, the workforce will have a positive outlook and will work without any tensions. This outlook will surely affect the production in a very positive way and they will be able to obtain the production profits. The workplace will have a congenial environment with the minimalism of disasters.  

3. The proper maintenance of machines, equipment and, the hazardous materials will reduce accidents. Accidents reduction is the primary aim of any manufacturing enterprise and this assessment will help the company to obtain that objective. As the disasters and mishaps will reduce significantly as a result of plant risk assessment, the workforce will be relieved of tension. This is why this assessment is of absolute importance to a firm.  

4. The aftermath of any accident is that the company gets into legal battles with the kin of injured or dead and also face several enquiries by the safety department. All these act as interruptions in the smooth functioning of the factory. These also divert the attention of top officials. It creates tension in the mind of the people and diverts the profits of the firm to pay for legal fees, and as workmen compensation fund which may hamper the efficiency of the firm.   These are the most integral benefits of a proper Plant risk assessment.  


1. The first step for the professional is to visit and inspect the premises and working conditions and the total list of machinery and other equipment. This should be necessarily done in an objective and critical way.  

2. The next step is to observe how different parts and machineries are used in the plant and for which function. It is also necessary to observe whether they are in proper working condition and if there are any risks associated with it.

Plant Risk Assessment 

  3. The next step is to review the safety information and if they are being followed in the plant. The professional also needs to review if this safety working guidelines have been communicated to the workers properly and if they have understood it.  

4. The next step is to review the past incidents that resulted in fatal injuries and deaths and finding out the reasons behind them.  

5. This step includes identification and assessment of risks after consulting all the previous steps. This is very important as it helps them to obtain all probable causes to find out the risks.  

6. This step involves preparing a written report for detailed causes for hazards and suitable steps to avoid these hazards. Moreover, the control measures should also be written in detail.  

7. This is the last step involved with recommending the plant owners on what and how should be done. All these should be followed.   These are the steps that need to be followed during plant risk assessment.


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