EasilyBuild Brings a Revolutionary New Nine 3D Printer That Easily Build To Any Size!

3D Printing technology is not new to us; it has actually been around for more than 30 years and has become an integral part of our modern manufacturing processes.

It’s an additive manufacturing process that creates a solid three-dimensional object from a digital design as an input data.

From classrooms to design shops, 3D printers seem to be popping everywhere and fast approaching to professional designers to educators to hobbyists. The advancement in new innovative techniques only makes it more affordable and durable. 

3D printer manufacturers are constantly announcing new models that are affordable, print things quicker and can produce relatively larger objects than ever before.


Images credit: EasilyBuild / New Nine

One of the most fundamental decisions you can make when choosing a 3D printer is the size of the build area. While printer prices vary for many different reasons, it’s pretty much a constant that the larger the build area, the more expensive the printer.

On the contrary, a 3D printing pioneer Rory Korathu-Larson, the founder & CEO of EasilyBuild now brings you a New Nine 3D Printer that can easily transform its shape to any size, that’s also at a cheaper price!


Images credit: EasilyBuild / New Nine

EasilyBuild was founded in 2015 with an aim to build a better printing platform for meeting their client needs as well as educate a new generation on 3D printing best practices.

The New Nine RTA complete kit is currently available at Indiegogo, a price tag of $249 with exclusive features such as super-fast, scalable and inbuilt commercial quality.

It has a rugged design with 3X faster and 50% larger print capacity than comparably priced competitors, and these high-end features only found on those costing thousands of dollars.

The patent-pending 3D printer is tuned with mass damper system which eliminates wobble and is tested against 78 points before getting the thumbs up.

The special features include an innovative counterbalanced X-axis design, great cable management system, customizable open frame, and industrial grade steel tensioned structure designs.

The creator plans to ship New Nine 3D Printer on a ‘First to Order’, ‘First to Receive’ basis in the beginning of December this year.


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