How to Create a QR Code to Your Website

With a Dynamic QR Code Generator, you can create dynamic QR codes that you can direct to one of many types of content. These include mobile page, vCard, YouTube video, Google map and more.

This article will deal with a type of QR that is possibly the most used worldwide: website.

QR code to a website

Dynamic QR codes are the evolution of standard QR codes, now known as static QR codes. These were first introduced to track vehicle parts during manufacturing in 1994.

Static QR codes can be beneficial as long as they are used in the right circumstances, for example, when the content is not online.

However, if you want to have a QR code linked to your website, you may want to create a dynamic QR code through a Dynamic QR Code Generator.

The main benefits

These are its main benefits:

You can change the content of a dynamic QR code as many times as you want without having to reprint it.

You can see their statistics (daily geolocation, mobile devices, browsers, etc.).

You can use its short URL on the web, as well as the QR code in the real world.

As we mentioned earlier, the most used type of QR code is to a website. It is not a surprise since accessing information online cannot be easier than scanning a QR code with a mobile device.

Instead of having to type in a URL, you can have your audience access your website in seconds with a QR code.

Smartphones are everywhere and QR code readers can be downloaded for free. We have everything we need to scan a QR code. Not only that, but some mobile browsers also have QR code readers. There is no excuse.

As for the QR code to a website itself, it doesn’t have to be the main page of your website, per se. You could, for example:

Link the QR code to a hidden page within your website that can only be accessed by scanning the QR code to access a discount or promotion.

Link the QR code to your social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).

Link the QR code to a payment page within your website to buy a product in the store.

Everything cited offers great marketing opportunities and encourages your audience to scan your QR code to access special and unique content.

How to create a QR code to a website

First, look for a QR code generator. By registering, you can access your account and create a project. After that, click on Create QR to … create your first QR code!

Finally, under the QR Type tab, select Website (URL), enter the URL address of your website or social media platform and save to apply the changes. Done!

Remember that you can customize your QR code and download it as a vector image file so you have the best print quality.

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