zeAC – A Powerful, Natural Air Conditioning That Requires Just Water

Air conditioning has now become a health necessity, not just for comfort due to global warming that leads to higher average temperature.
With the higher population of middle-income families, the demand for air conditioning system will also increase exponentially in future. 
Many developing countries located in much hotter climates and a boom in wealth will attract towards modern cooling comfort during summer heat waves. 
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Now, the question we need to ask – Are these air conditioning really give us a comfortable lifestyle or instead result in disastrous environmental issues, as major air conditioning system are still powered by the coal-fired power plants.
Without improvements in energy efficiency or far greater use of carbon-free sources of energy, that will put a chill on hopes to limit the worst effects of global climate change.
The team of Nigerians – Anaele Iroh, a creator of zeAC, an engineering expert Nsude Maduka, a designer Octavian Rosu and a campaigner Pui-Ying Iroh Tam teamed up and invented a green solution of air conditioning for your home.
They have developed a patent pending and first ‘Zero Electronic Air-conditioner’ (zeAC) that cools room without using electricity and the crowdfunding campaign of this product is currently live at Indiegogo.
You need to refill the zeAC with just water every morning to maintain the comfortable room temperature. It dehumidifies the surrounding area by absorbing vapour from the air and reduces temperature through the absorption of heat.
The device, an Air-Con cylinder that has microporous surfaces acts as a simple climate control system. The evaporation of water from these porous surfaces cools down the air and plants consume harmful CO2 as well as release fresh oxygen.
According to the team, the zeAC was consistently cooled down the room temperature to about 27°C with over 35°C afternoon outside temperature in Lagos during testing.
A heating element periodically adds small amounts of heat to keep the Air-Con Cylinder at 36°C, resulting in 24°C constant temperature and 65% humidity in winter climate tests at -1 °C.
The integration of ZeAC to your any plants or flowers is easy and simple. One device can handle about 100 square feet of area. 
Using basic thermodynamic principles zeAC is able to cool or heat a room via latent vaporisation or condensation heat. The unit functions in two different ways depending on seasons and ambient temperature.
The zeAC can work in plants, such as Mother-in-Law’s Tongue (Sansevieria trifasciata); Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum), Money Plant (Epipremnum aureum), Bamboo Palm (Chrysalidocarpus lutescens) along with others -Orchid, Peeple Tree, Rama Tulsi, Tulsi ( Green), Chrismas Cactus or Schlumbergeras, Gerbera (Orange), Aloe Vera, Sansevieria Trifasciata Zeylanica, Snake Plant, Neem Tree, and Areca Palm.
Today, we need this kind of zero energy solutions to have a comfortable lifestyle without affecting our environment. A great solution for a great problem!


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