YouTube Widget: What Is It And Its Uses

Social media marketing has evolved leaps and bounds ever since its inception. Amongst all the major social media platforms, marketers often tend to give more attention to platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest and often tend to ignore YouTube.

After Facebook, YouTube is the second most popular and highly leveraged social media platform and is continuing to grow tremendously. YouTube is mainly dominated by videos and not static/written content that makes the platform even more popular as its users enjoy surfing through videos and audios.

If you have a good presence on YouTube, then we highly recommend that you embed YouTube content on your website in the form of a YouTube widget.

We are sure you must be having multiple doubts about the purpose and work of a YouTube widget.

Keep reading as we will be explaining everything in detail.

Without any further ado, let’s delve into it right away!

What Is A YouTube Widget?

A YouTube widget can be defined as a small section on a particular web page or section of a website that comprises a few videos or an entire YouTube channel on the website depending on the requirement of the website owner.

The brand or the user can create a YouTube widget with the help of a responsive social media aggregator tool that can easily collect, curate, and embed the YouTube content on the website.

The YouTube aggregator provides an embed code to the user that can be copied on a clipboard and later on pasted on the backend section of the website to display the widget on the website.

A YouTube widget on the website works amazingly well to increase the engagement level of the visitors on the website. It drastically improves the overall look of the website and increases the dwell time of the visitors due to its engaging nature.

We shall be getting more into details in the next section of the blog.

The Purpose Of A YouTube Widget

Increase The Engagement Of Your Audience

Surveys suggest that videos are up to 10 times more effective than written texts due to their visual and descriptive nature. Displaying content from YouTube would keep your audience engaged and hooked on to the content for a much longer time as they would feel the need to explore and watch more.

Builds Trust & Authenticity

Videos work extremely well to tap into the emotional quotient of the audience leading to an increase in trust. Embedding YouTube videos on the website work well to explain the ethics of your brand and the products and services of your brand in detail, it further brings more authenticity to your brand.

A Chance To Generate More Leads

YouTube videos work incredibly well to generate more leads on the website.

Displaying content like product tutorials, how-to videos, reviews, and testimonials videos or the videos created by your existing customers praising and vouching for your brand and its products can work extremely well to convert your website, visitors, to your existing customers.

Since your website visitors would be curious to know about the features and how using your products would benefit them, displaying such important content on the website can compel your website visitors to go ahead and purchase your products.

Helps In SEO Rankings

Displaying your content from YouTube on your website is a rather unique concept since brands do not pay much attention to this social media platform.

Once you attract your users and increase their dwell time, they would likely spread the word about your business leading to more traffic on your website.

Increased time spent by the users on your website is a sign of a lower bounce rate on the website. Once the website becomes popular, it would be noticed by more people leading to an increase in ranking of the website on SERP (Search engine ranking page).

The Process Of Embedding YouTube Widget On Website

We are sure that by now you must be excited to know more about the process to embed a YouTube widget on your website.

As mentioned above, all you require is an efficient, easy-to-use, and responsive social media aggregator to collect, curate and embed the feed on your website.

A good social media aggregator gives its users the ability to customize the YouTube widget as per their preferences and requirements. It offers multiple additional features like a content moderation panel with a profanity filter, detailed insights, and robust 24×7 back support assistance to the users.

All you need to do is find the perfect social media aggregator that deems fit as per your needs and has the aforementioned features and you will be good to go!

Final Conclusion

And we have reached the end of the blog and you are well aware of everything about the YouTube widget. You got to know its basic definition, its incredible benefits, and how to look for the perfect social media aggregation platform to embed the widget on the website.

Get going and upscale your marketing efforts and profits by adopting this outstanding marketing strategy in your business!

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